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Conventions and meetings are big business for destinations

Most destinations aren’t equipped with grand convention centers or sprawling resorts, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to entice meeting planners with the venues you DO have.

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Travel to where the jobs are

What influences someone to relocate? Is it the job benefits? The salary? But those are only part of the reason. Professionals want to live in a place where they can explore, dine, and relax on their downtime and continue to be successful while on the clock. But it can be a challenge to encourage these professionals to consider relocating.

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Travel Micro-Moments

When you turn to a device looking to learn, discover, or find or buy something, you are creating a micro-moment. During this time, preferences and decisions are often made. These moments give tourism entities a perfect chance to influence potential visitors.

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Building a Dynamic Digital Campaign

At Madden Media, each digital marketing component we provide for our clients has a purpose and strategy behind it. Components fit together like pieces of a puzzle, building to create a comprehensive campaign that will drive visitors closer to booking their vacation.

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Marketing to the Generations: Gen X

This powerful group of travelers has much to offer to the tourism industry—how will you reach them?

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Marketing to the Generations: Baby Boomers

As Baby Boomers reach retirement age, they are ready to spend more time traveling—have you included this demographic in your target audience? This infographic gives you the information you need to reach this group as they plan their trips.

Group of young people sitting around a bonfire.
Insights & Trends

Marketing to the Generations: Millennials

Our clients are always asking us about the best ways to reach their target audiences. These questions inspired us to create a series of infographics that will help you learn more about each generation of travelers and decide which marketing channels can help you meet your goals.

Mother and child looking out to a view of mountains.
Insights & Trends

Marketing to the Generations

Appealing to Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers in your marketing can be a challenge. Keeping similarities in mind can help you determine your strategy.

Company Updates

Finalist for Two ADDY Awards

We’re very proud and excited to announce that the digital campaigns of our partners, Experience Kissimmee and the Stowe Area Association, have been selected as finalists for the American Advertising Federation of Tucson Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year.