Check out what's new in Voyage for 2022.
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Voyage: What’s New in 2022

We’re such big data nerds, we built our own destination intelligence platform. Last year, Voyage helped over 40 destinations across the country lead their destination marketing efforts with data-driven insights and easy to access reporting. We are not content to… Read more »

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z_Company Updates

Media Director Heather Molina Joins Madden Media

Madden Media welcomed the new year with a new employee. Heather Molina is a marketing strategist with almost two decades of experience who joins the team as a Managing Media Director. Her extensive agency experience combined with her globetrotting experiences… Read more »

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2022 Predictions Series: Search Continues to Evolve

Search as we know it is long gone. Consumers seek greater sensory experiences in their search approach and expect both their results and their tactile interactions with websites to evolve. Increases in voice search (20 percent of all searches), video… Read more »

Destination intelligence will play an increased role in destination marketing success in 2022.

2022 Predictions Series: Need for Destination Intelligence

For destination marketers, we know it’s vital to capture insights for learning, evolving your campaigns, and advocating for your program. As destination marketing organizations continue to make evolutionary leaps toward destination management, effective data assets and resources are essential.   Destinations… Read more »


2022 Predictions Series: A Look Back at 2021

In the decade preceding the pandemic, the travel industry enjoyed unsurpassed growth. Business was good. March 2020, the world rapidly changed, and in less than two years, the tourism industry entered a new era of destination marketing. As modern media… Read more »