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Senior Project Manager

At Madden, we are on a mission to encourage people to discover new locations and experiences. We believe getting people out of their homes and into new places makes for stronger individuals, communities, and economies. As a nationally recognized leader in marketing, we work across the travel and tourism industry to help our clients tell their local stories to a global audience and showcase why locations are the best places to live, work, and explore.

Our partners range from organizations in smaller communities to some of the most traveled destinations in the world. We ensure our clients and our team stay informed of the latest research, marketing techniques, and technology solutions that can improve how they showcase their community.

Come join us make the world a little more connected as a Senior Project Manager.

In your role, help our team deliver exceptional service to our partners as a key leader in coordinating, assigning and overseeing all of our resources and campaigns. If you like being a part of a team, ensuring teams are collaborating and seeing campaigns be created from beginning to end then you would thrive in a position like this.



  • Responsible for the creation of projects on the PSA side of the Salesforce platform. This includes assigning the project team, building out necessary schedules, and general oversight of the project from initiation to completion.
  • Create projects, includes all print and digital projects
  • Assign all project team members and ensure members are aware of their role and duties within the project
  • Attend acceptance, proposal, and/or kickoff meetings and ensure the production team has all necessary details needed to successfully complete the projects
  • Creation and maintain all schedules
  • Schedule acceptance meetings
  • Fill out acceptance documents prior to acceptance meeting
  • Track and maintain in PSA all budgets, expenses and actuals that are incurred during the production and execution of Madden campaigns
  • Continuously research and learn new forms of Project Management strategies
  • Attend appropriate meetings as deemed necessary
  • Responsible for all other duties as assigned by management


  • Creation and maintaining of all Systems processes that work to support the organization and each department
  • Train new employees how to use the systems on their daily process
  • Continuously keep up on new updates and continue to learn more about the functionality of the Salesforce platform
  • Research new solutions and ways to use Salesforce/PSA
  • Troubleshoot any issues that arise for anyone in PSA
  • Add new users to PSA


  • Detail oriented, ability to take complex problems and create efficient solutions.
  • Team player who enjoys working in a highly collaborative and fast paced environment and is able to communicate effectively to diverse individuals and groups.
  • Previous experience in a CRM and project management tool.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects in various different phases at the same time.
  • Continuously meet with all departments to ensure teams are working together and completing projects on time and to internal and external expectations.
  • Ability to work across departments to create and maintain system processes

Why work with us?

We are different. We are artists, writers, digital experts, and sales professionals. We have a lot of fun and market some of the most unique locations. Our team is dynamic and always looking to the next innovation in marketing techniques, tools, and technology.

For those in Tucson, our work environment is in the heart of downtown in a historic flatiron building. There are almost one hundred Maddenites in Tucson and throughout the United States. We love being part of something more than just another marketing agency. Tell us a little more about yourself by submitting your resume.

Madden Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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