Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Wild, Wild West on the World Wide Web

Challenge While Buffalo Bill Center of the West is a prime stop for national park visitors to gain insight and context on the area, many park visitors hadn't heard of it. We developed a strategy to increase awareness and drive more online traffic to their website in order to ultimately boost in-person traffic.
  • Increased site visitation by 45%
  • 141% increase in online transactions
  • 78% of visitors were new to site
  • 182,000,000 total impressions
  • Paid media accounts for 29% of site traffic
  • More than 118,000 post interactions on Facebook demonstrating highly engaged users
Services Included

Optimism. Exploration. Invention. These define the Spirit of the American West. Formed by nature’s dramatic landscapes and the gutsy people who lived there, it’s brought to life today by Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming.

The Center has partnered with Madden since 2006, buying an ad in the Wyoming Forever West insert for many years. When the Center was looking to boost brand awareness, they took it to the next level with Madden’s expertise. A holistic digital strategy was the key to brand success, starting with Search Engine Marketing in 2015,  then Amplified Storytelling, Display Ads, and Facebook and Instagram Ads. Results have taken off.

“The Madden team knows our museum and audiences, respects staff expertise, and creates inventive campaigns to best promote the Center. Madden’s creativity at navigating our complex needs is simply unmatched, for which we’re very thankful!” Marguerite House, Media Coordinator

The Vitals

The digital marketing campaign increased site visitation by 45%, and drove a 98% increase in online ticket sales, wowing the Center. With brand awareness in central focus, 78% of Madden’s traffic was new to the Center’s site.

Looking Ahead

The Center’s goal for the upcoming year is to get more “feet through the door”. Peak season already sees a lot of visitors, but there’s always room for more in the wide open West.

With that goal in mind, Madden forged ahead with a more robust strategy. SEM began in January, and Display Ads and social promotion began in early spring. These components work together to reach potential visitors planning their upcoming summer travels. But that’s just the beginning.

Amplified Storytelling will bring the Center’s colorful stories to life. A Content Hub will house all of the Center’s inspirational stories from the last couple of years, and Facebook Instant Experiences will drive mobile users to discover stories of the West. Plus, in-house videos will show off the Center’s western charm. Once summer begins, the digital strategy pivots to drive ticket sales during the Center’s peak visitation—making sure those feet get through the door. Targeted mobile ads will reach people located in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding states encouraging them to add a visit to the Center.

Comprehensive strategies require a confident, creative team like Madden. You might say that Madden’s partnership with the Center is centered on optimism, exploration and invention—just like the Spirit of the American West.