Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association

An International Reach

Challenge Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association wanted to inspire international travelers from France, Germany, and the UK to book an adventure in the American West. Madden met this challenge with a content distribution and remarketing campaign that crossed an ocean.
  • 393,511 total Facebook impressions over 5 months
  • More than 2% average CTR on Facebook Remarketing
  • 4,569 clicks delivered to site
  • 51 total campaign conversions
  • 3.88% CTR on Google SEM
  • Confirmed bookings as a result of ads
Services Included
digital marketing

Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association offers a variety of ranch experiences for travelers of all ages and interests. Their unique, extensive offerings, paired with the recent addition of direct flights to Denver from London, Paris, Munich, and Frankfurt, make them a perfect destination for travelers from France, Germany, and the UK. However, the question remained: how could a destination in rural Colorado attract visitors from across the Atlantic?

“The Madden team has partnered with the CDGRA on several successful grant-awarded media campaigns. They consistently exceed performance benchmarks and goals set for these campaigns.” Courtney Frazier, Executive Director


Our team developed a content distribution and remarketing campaign that increased awareness and recall of the destination. We drove qualified traffic to their site, and followed up with remarketing ads that reminded site visitors to book their American vacation.

Watch Your Language

When performing on the international stage, we took care to speak the language of the audience—not limiting ourselves to a technically correct translation, but partnering with local experts to make sure we chose the right words.

The right words were the ones that accurately conveyed the intended message, were conversationally familiar to the audience (as in, they didn’t seem foreign), and leveraged search demand based on culturally appropriate search trends.

Even translating from English to English, we paid attention. Where US audiences search for “vacation,” UK audiences might use “holiday.” This is why we partnered with local representatives to ensure no mistakes were made, and no SEO opportunities were missed.

Heads in Beds

This campaign exceeded the accepted benchmark of a 1% CTR, with actuals for Facebook Remarketing at an average of 2.04%, and an average of 3.88% for Google SEM.

What’s more, two guests mentioned the ads when making their reservations, thereby confirming a minimum ROI of $17,700 in bookings. That’s in addition to successes in targeted conversion metrics, increased awareness, and potential associated future bookings.

Above and Beyond

The team at Madden takes great pride in giving each campaign the attention it deserves, and it’s beyond gratifying to see that exceptional effort yield success beyond expectation.