Meet Me in Traverse City

Positioning Traverse City as an ideal balance of work and play

Challenge To increase awareness of Traverse City as a meeting and event destination. We did this by highlighting facilities and experiences—work and play. We used Search Engine Marketing, a custom, fun-to-read story, and a Presentation Layer that incorporates design, photos, and video. Everything came together to create a positive impression, so even learning about the destination is gratifying.
  • 10,000+ clicks to client site
  • 1,800,000+ total impressions
  • Story time on page was 3:32, which is 132% better than site average
  • Display Ad average CTR was 0.20%, which doubled the goal of 0.10%
  • Geofencing Display Ad average CTR was 0.50%, which far surpassed the goal of 0.10%
Services Included
digital marketing

Ground Rule: We're Partners

Madden and Traverse City partnered together to ensure the city is on meeting planners’ radars. See how strategic targeting drives the right audience to your desired results.

If you want it to work right, you have to put in the research. Madden and Traverse City, through strategy and research, learned that meeting planners tend to base a potential meeting destination on what activities attendees could do after the event. With that knowledge, we had our plan.

Target Acquired

Madden and Traverse City worked together on a story that would immerse the reader into all the recreational options available to meeting attendees. Traverse City went the extra mile to build a video that helped showcase the narrative and incorporated it into the Madden-produced first-person story. That story included CTAs that led meeting planners to learn more about booking in Traverse City, ensuring easy access to the desired end result.

Ads on LinkedIn and Facebook targeted key decision makers and meeting planners and drove them to the story. We employed a geofencing tactic set up around meeting planner conventions and conferences to increase exposure and awareness to the right audience. Targeted keyword marketing with SEM also increased the Traverse City’s exposure, and remarketing ads brought readers back to the site to entice them to learn more.

“Madden’s account management team provides exceptional customer service. They have the ability to create a comprehensive strategy while staying within the established budget, and deliver the results they promise.” Coryn Briggs, Digital Marketing Manager

The Vitals

Put people in the destination, first by capturing their imaginations, then by getting their feet on the ground. That’s what we do.

To inspire readers and let them see that a meeting destination perfectly mixes work and play, our first-person immersive story became the backbone of the awareness campaign for Traverse City. Supporting the meeting story were strategic targeting plans of LinkedIn and Facebook ads, SEM keyword marketing, remarketing ads, and geofencing meeting planner conventions and conferences.

The campaign resulted in 10,000+ total website sessions with time-on-page rates 132% higher than site average. The campaign yielded 1.8 million+ impressions to the specifically targeted business audience, achieving the goal of increased awareness and consideration of Traverse City as a meeting destination.