Influencer Marketing

Show the authentic side of your destination with an influencer

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Over 55% of visitors say that their decision to travel was made based on digital influencer content. (Destination Analysts)

Influencer Marketing adds an additional layer to your content strategy expanding your brand through Influencers with 10,000 or more followers on social media. Influencers’ opinions are more trusted by visitors, so by showcasing your destination, the campaign delivers benefits like credibility and the influencer’s unique view of your destination.

We collaborate to determine a topic to be covered by an influencer from our pre-approved network. Then, they travel to your destination experience it for themselves. While in destination, the influencer posts on social media, tagging your account so their followers can click to explore your content. After the trip is done, the influencer delivers photos and a story that Madden transforms into a Presentation Layer which lives on your site. Using native and social ads in addition to additional social posts by the influencer, we drive your audience to read the story.


  • Authentic content that inspires travel.
  • Leverage the Influencer’s social following.

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