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Creating content that inspires travel

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Our top-notch design and editorial consistently win awards, so rest assured your guide is in expert hands.

Madden knows how to tell stories that engage the adventure-seeking travel audience. We approach content development in an immersive and emotional way to inspire potential travelers and successfully move them through the Traveler’s Journey. The strategy starts with smart content in print that is then distributed across digital channels.

After compiling digital insights on which experiences potential travelers are searching for in your destination, our content team pairs that intel with your brand objectives to recommend a comprehensive editorial plan. We align topics with local writers and photographers who will reveal the heart and soul of the experience through actionable, inspiring narratives that put the reader in the action.


  • SEO-optimized copy
  • Written by local writers to capture your destination authentically

Best Practices

  • Photos depict people or objects in motion, creating a sense of movement and excitement
  • Active headlines provide a subliminal call-to-action to the readers
  • Consistent use of fonts and colors ties the guide to the “DiSCover” brand
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