Enhanced User Experience


Your brand deserves modern and engaging creative strategy with expert-led art direction and graphic design audiences expect


Reach audiences in multiple formats with next-level visual storytelling: award-winning video production and editing, or NEW Social Fidelity (So-Fi) Video


Tell your visual story with expert-led photography that inspires users to connect or through everyday artists with UGC curation

User Experience

Websites are the face of your brand and UX drives audience engagement. Personalization, Presentation Layers, and responsive web immerse your users in experiential content.

Deliver your best audience experience. Build trust, garner interest, and fulfill their needs. Discover how, using the Madden Method.

Experience and Insights

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How Can Search Inspire Travel?
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Madden | Full-Service Agency
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Madden and Persosa
Madden is proud to announce our partnership with Persosa to help our clients (and ourselves) personalize websites and deliver the content consumers are looking for. We believe individuals with unique interests should not see generic information after clicking on an ad that is highly focused. With Madden and Persosa, consumers receive a personalized user experience throughout their journey. Read More ››
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Social Fidelity (So-Fi) Video
Have you picked a restaurant from a Yelp review? Have you watched a product unboxing on Youtube? Welcome to UGC: User Generated Content. Here's how video UGC can dial your brand into an ever educated and engaged audience. Read More ››
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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?
Whether you want travelers to explore the great outdoors, shop ‘til they drop, wine and dine, or experience your destination beyond the conference room, video is a great way to showcase all you have to offer. Read More ››
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User Generated Content
The CrowdRiff platform works differently from others because it seamlessly gathers and organizes images without limitations. Read More ››
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Video inspires action
By now, you’ve likely realized that video marketing offers an extraordinary opportunity for destination marketers to reach large audiences and tell your stories visually. But are you taking advantage? Read More ››
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Made for Mobile: Facebook Instant Experiences
Mobile is BIG. Of Facebook’s 1.94 billion users, 1.15 billion of them use Facebook on their mobile device daily (Zephoria). Let’s say that again: 1.15 billion people looking at Facebook on their phones every day. Facebook has been cranking out new options for advertisers that keep up with trends, but one of our favorites is Facebook Canvas Ads. Read More ››
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Website Best Practices: Part One
First impressions are everything. A person’s first glance at your website will allow them to form several opinions pretty immediately—so you need to make that first impression count. Read More ››