Photo Curation

Keeping an always-up-to-date library of photo assets can be a challenge. Partner with Madden to reach your goals. We have a team of professional creative experts ready to partner with you on capturing photos. When ready, we can help with putting them into action, too.

User Generated Content

Travelers crave stories, crave a connection, and crave interaction with others. New media platforms are providing ways for destinations to facilitate these connections with User Generated Content (UGC). UGC enlists target audience members in promoting a destination, rather than the destination promoting itself alone. Instead of just serving your audience with marketing collateral, you’re developing a relationship by inviting them to create and share photos and videos. Harnessing the power of influence, users share their experiences, and you benefit by using it to build a connection between your destination and potential visitors.

Enhance your storytelling

Already have an Amplified Storytelling campaign with us? We can use UGC to populate a gallery widget (rotating current photos and videos) within your Presentation Layer. Your inspirational story will always have the newest and coolest photos and video rotating on the page.

Let Madden drive

Let us do all the heavy lifting for you and curate your UGC collection. Our experts will work with you to determine the UGC that meets your marketing needs and create a collection of photos and videos for you to use throughout your entire campaign. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Professional Photography

We work with expert photographers to create captivating images.

We love working with local photographers because they already know how to highlight the beauty of a region they see every day. It doesn’t just feel like an insider’s view—it is one. And we love working with visiting photographers because of their fresh perspective.

All positives, no negatives

Thankfully technology has brought us into a world beyond dark rooms, but the challenge of maintaining an updated image library remains. Why? Though, photography is more accessible than ever, there’s still the matter of getting it done, and onto the right platform. The upshot is, Madden can make it happen.

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