User Experience

User Experience

Your website is the foundation of your marketing campaign—User Experience (UX) engages audiences. Personalization helps tailor your content to specific personas. Infinite scrolling keeps your audience engaged. Presentation layers immerse audiences in your experiential content. And responsive web design ensures that all of your audience has a positive and complete experience with your brand.

Presentation Layers

Madden presentation layers are the visual wrapper for Madden’s Amplified Storytelling offerings. By using modern web development and responsive design techniques, Madden creates immersive and engaging site pages that not only make your content more appealing, but also invite the reader to engage with interactive photos, videos, and links. This keeps readers engaged and on your site longer.

While Madden designs beautifully compliment the story with breathtaking imagery and fun animations and interaction, we focus on the story as the star of the piece. Readers won’t just want to visit your destination—they’ll want to share their experience with others, which is why we include buttons to share on social media platforms.

Responsive Web Design

Don’t you hate when you visit a website on desktop and it looks great, but when you pull up the same site on your mobile device, nothing is sized properly for your screen and it’s hard to read? Let’s face it: size matters. Now that more people are viewing websites via their mobile devices than through desktop computers, sizing can make or break the length of time people spend on yours.

Research shows that more than a third of users will switch from a mobile site—a site with abbreviated content designed specifically for viewing on mobile devices—to a full site when they can.

That’s where responsive Web design comes in.

In a nutshell, it means that Madden designs your Web pages so they adjust to whatever size device a reader is viewing them on, be it a desktop computer screen, a tablet, or a phone. And according to Google, sites designed in this way rank higher than their mobile-site cousins. That means more visitors will spend more time on your site—and ultimately visit your destination in person.

Infinite Scrolling

Infinite scrolling, infinite inspiration. Infinite scrolling can be an ideal way to keep users engaged in your DMO site and to get them even more inspired to visit your destination. Mobile users, specifically, want content and want it quickly, and an infinite scroll can help them get just that.

Infinite scrolling loads additional related content as the user scrolls, so they can continue to learn more about the specific areas of your destination that interested them in the first place. For example, if a user begins to read about a certain attraction in a destination, additional content can be loaded automatically to expose them to information that they might not have discovered yet, or to read about areas and things to do around the destination. Using this strategy, your site can help your audience truly visualize a trip to your destination as they read.

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