Professional Video Production and Editing

Madden has an Emmy-award-winning video production team in house. Incorporating more video into your website and marketing means a better chance to create brand awareness and connect with travelers. Our team is ready to create powerful and fun videos that enhance your story.

So-Fi Video

This is the way to simultaneously expand your video library and deepen the connection to your audience. Social-Fidelity Video (So-Fi Video) is video made with User Generated Content. With Madden’s strategic expertise at your disposal, you decide on the shot list. Madden distributes the campaign to soon-to-be videographers, and the project gets rolling!

Video Snippets

In order to complete your visual storytelling experience, Madden offers Video Snippets. Build brand awareness with these short-form videos that can be used in your media mix on your website, Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories, YouTube channel, and more. Combining images, footage, and text with lively music sets the proper mood. We will craft a video that lets your brand messaging shine.

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Let's get rolling on video.