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It all starts with insights from our digital experts and industry-leading SEO analysis tools. A comprehensive audit of site content, organic search demand, and keyword competition drives strategy for new content


Showcase your brand story with travel guides, inserts, magazines, and more

Amplified Storytelling

Captivating narratives pull readers into an experience only you can give them. Elicit emotion, paint a picture, and spur travel inspiration

Sponsored Marketing

Leverage the power of popular influencers with endorsed experiences that make readers want to emulate what they see and feel

Video & Audio

Scripting integrates your brand narrative into one of the most effective storytelling tactics, customized to capture your target audience

Control your brand story and inspire your audience to take the next steps to live, work, and explore. Find out how Madden connects your places's story to people.

Experience and Insights

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How Can Search Inspire Travel?
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Southern Arizona Teacher Travel Storytelling Project
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Relocating: Untapped Revenue in Destination Economic Development
Economic Development. You may have heard that your competition is doing it, or maybe you’ve done it before, but it wasn’t very successful. Read More ››
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Social Fidelity (So-Fi) Video
Have you picked a restaurant from a Yelp review? Have you watched a product unboxing on Youtube? Welcome to UGC: User Generated Content. Here's how video UGC can dial your brand into an ever educated and engaged audience. Read More ››
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Great content needs smart distribution
Content and distribution go hand in hand. It’s important to pair the right content with the right distribution channel to make the biggest impact on your target audience. Read More ››
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Have you got what it takes to be a Content Master?
Every destination has a story and no doubt, you want to tell yours. The last thing you want your visitors doing is wading through a sea of content, searching for the stories that best resonate with them. You want to entice, inspire, and exhilarate travelers at just the right time with the right type of content. Fear not, we’ve got your back. Let’s walk through the traveler journey together, as we conduct a symphony of storytelling. Read More ››
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Creating buzz for your brand with influencers
The Power of Influencers continues to grow—so how will you utilize that power in your digital marketing campaign? Read More ››
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How do we persuade people to travel?
Why do we travel? We want to explore the path less taken, to discover ourselves, to say goodbye to the mundane and reconnect with the ones we love. It’s all about embracing those curl-up with a good book and lay out on the beach, welcoming those grab-life-by-the-horns moments, relaxing like every day is the weekend, and making new memories. The dreamer and the adventure-seeker, the weekenders and the planners—they all come together for one core reason: to feel something. Read More ››
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The Power of Influencers
The power of popularity has long been utilized to influence groups and individuals, alike. People crave real connections and authentic content to help drive their decision-making, and travelers are no different. Check out our infographic about the growing power of influencers. Read More ››
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The Measurable Success of Amplified Storytelling
You’ve launched a strategy to make an emotional connection with potential visitors through Amplified Storytelling, the ultimate content campaign…how do you know it’s working? Let’s talk about what kind of metrics you want to focus on now that you’ve chosen an awesome marketing decision. Read More ››