Amplified Storytelling

Inspire. Engage. Connect.

Your destination has a one-of-a-kind story, and Amplified Storytelling offers the opportunity to convert dreamers into visitors. Captivating first-person narratives pull readers into an experience only available at your destination and paints a picture that elicits emotion, spurring them toward conversion. Madden’s team of experts develop a custom-written story that is intentionally designed to resonate with your target audience to encourage readers to immerse themselves in your story and imagine themselves in your destination.

These stories live on your site during distribution and beyond to serve not only as an exciting attraction at first publication, but add long-term SEO power to increase organic traffic over time.

Storytelling marketing benefits

  • Reach your target audience. Create meaningful connections.
  • Evoke an emotional reaction. Readers want to experience your destination for themselves.
  • Increase time-on-site. That’s more exposure for your message and brand.
  • Boost SEO long-term, for organic search. Keyword-rich stories make your site valuable, and get you noticed.

Why it works

Storytelling has been around since the dawn of language. Why? Because stories stick. A list of attractions is a challenge for readers to even remember, let alone connect with, but first-person, descriptive narrative that activates imaginations and—even more critically—emotions, will establish a memorable connection. And that’s our specialty: connecting people to places.

Give your audience fun-to-read content unique to your destination that inspires.

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