Video and Audio Scripting

Scripting: Audio & Video Meets Storytelling

Scripting with narration and captions helps take your audience on a journey—not a random ride, but a strategic experience that connects each viewer and listener to your destination.


Professional Video Production: Reach your target audience through visual storytelling produced and edited by Madden’s award-winning, in-house video production team.

Social Fidelity (So-Fi) Video: In partnership with our expert team, you’ll decide on a shot-list, and leveraging user-generated content, we’ll enlist your audience in video asset creation. You’ll have access to raw footage in real-time. Plus, our crew will create a polished compilation video for you to show off your destination.

Video Snippets: Easily share your story in snackable videos that combine photos and videos with text and music.


Video Curation: Enhance your existing assets with complementary music and/or narration.

Podcasts: Reach your target audience through professionally directed and edited podcasts. Interviews feature local guides who give listeners a first-hand account of what makes your destination a perfect place to visit.

Word to the wise

Make words count with strategic scripting that enhances audio and video.

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