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You are looking for a partner who will not only help you meet your key goals and run a cohesive campaign—but also work alongside you. We bring our experience and expertise in digital marketing and vendor management to the table to make your life easier.

Trust is the foundation

We’re open and transparent in everything we do: who we’re partnering with, the third-party tools we use, the platforms we work on, even our pricing. Everything we do is for your benefit, so there’s no reason to keep secrets.

One stop shop

Madden has a long history of partnering, coordinating, and managing other companies to run our partners’ campaigns. From negotiating print and digital media buys to partnering with vendors, writers, photographers, and influencers to employ their talent—we’re the masters of coordination and vendor management. We work with you to develop the campaign strategy and vision. Then we take it from there, overseeing vendors, media buys, contracts, and invoices so you don’t have to. You won’t just save time and energy, but you’ll also save money, as we pass the savings of our partnerships and negotiations on to you. We want you to get the best team for the best value.


You will have a primary contact responsible for day-to-day communication, as well as effectively managing timeline, budget, and project status—we call this person an Account Manager. Your AM will also keep the extended team aware of all that is happening with the program. You will always have the entire strength of Madden behind you; that’s more than 100 people working tirelessly to make sure your campaign surpasses your expectations.

Our partners

We work exclusively in the destination marketing industry space, with over 2,000 partners across the United States and Canada.

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