Our targeting capabilities

Our Google-certified, digital marketing experts are targeting wizards. No matter what audience you want to reach, they can find them and serve relevant ads.

  • Contextual: Targets prospects with content, images, and topics that will appeal to that audience.
  • Behavioral: Targets visitors based on past behaviors.
  • Geo: Targets prospects by specific regions, such as countries, states, or a specified area.
  • Look-alike: Targets users by the traits they share with an audience who has already shown interest in your destination.
  • Demographic: Targets visitors by characters such as HHI, age, job title, relationship status, and more.

Display Ads

Prospecting Display Ads on Google AdWords

Display Ads reinforce brand identity, encouraging potential consumers to take steps toward conversion. Prospecting Ads are strategically designed and placed to drive new traffic to your site. Display Ads can be geo-, demo-, contextually, and behaviorally targeted to your key audiences with specific creative messaging and direct clicks to the corresponding page of interest on your website.

Remarketing Display Ads on Google AdWords

By placing a remarketing tag on your website, you can remarket consumers who have been to your site but did not complete a specific action such as requesting information or contacting you. Using sophisticated targeting parameters, Remarketing Ads are served to these “window shoppers,” bringing them back to your site where they can complete your desired conversion activity.

Managed Placements

We place these Display Ads in high-impact locations on sites that are specific to your target audience. We implement additional verification services, such as blocking high- and medium-risk brand safety avoidance tiers, excluding fraudulent and invalid sites, and reducing sensitive categories, in order to ensure brand safety.

Programmatic Display Ads

Programmatic Display Ads on DoubleClick use predictive targeting to serve display ads using complete traveler profiles. These geo-targeted ads are strategically designed and placed to reach travelers from the time they book a flight or hotel. This allows you to engage with travelers throughout their journey across desktop, mobile, and tablet placements.


From a person’s location you can glean valuable details about who they are, including behavioral and contextual data. Geofencing is a location-based digital marketing tool that allows marketers to welcome potential customers who enter a virtual perimeter with mobile display ads relative to their location. For example, travelers are targeted with ads for your destination simply because they have entered a strategically chosen and precise area.


With Boomerang, you can go back to high-traffic events, attractions, or accommodations during a specific time frame and build a custom audience from these visitors using historical date ranges and map-based technology. When these attendees return home, we serve them mobile display ads. We can even capture visitors who have never been to your website. Visitors don’t have to find you—you find them.

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are interactive ads that show at the top of your inbox tabs and, when clicked, expand like an email. The ads include images, video, or embedded forms and send visitors to your website.

These are the different ways you can reach visitors with Gmail Ads:

  • Affinity audiences
  • Audience keywords
  • Automated targeting
  • Customer match
  • Demographics
  • In-market audiences
  • Life Events
  • Remarketing Lists

Lightbox Ads

Lightbox Ads are interactive ads that allow visitors to click, tap, or hover on the ad. When a user interacts with the ads, they expand to fill the screen, display videos, or allow people to swipe through images, eventually sending them to your website.


TrueView/YouTube Video

Your video assets impact and inspire action, showcasing your destination to YouTube and TrueView’s captive audience through In-stream Ads. In-stream Ads are played before, during, or after another video. Viewers initially see the first five seconds of the video and can continue watching or choose to skip. The goal is to get your videos in front of an audience who won’t want to skip your ad, and with cost-per-view pricing, you are only charged if your video is watched for at least 30 seconds (or to the end of the video).

Facebook Video

Video on Facebook does it all—it’s smart, sharable, and personal. Using Facebook’s network, you can target a specific audience with video ads, making sure that you are reaching the consumers who will be most interested in the content of your video. To get the most qualified viewers, you can target an audience who would be interested in your destination and their accompanying stories. The videos appear in the newsfeed, providing a more organic look and feel. First, we shorten the videos to 30 seconds and then distribute them through Facebook in the feed. Then your videos are linked back to your website.


Audience Development Network

Name the audience you’d like to read your story—you’ll reach it with our content distribution. Geo-, demo-, behavioral, or contextual—we combine targeting with personal browsing behavior to reach your best prospects. Through our Audience Development Network of news and lifestyle websites, we will optimize placements daily to ensure your content is seen by the right people. Imagine checking out one of your favorite websites and seeing a link related to what you’re already browsing; click that link and discover something new. That’s how your chosen audience finds your story and connects with your destination.


Influencers get the word out about your content by harnessing what makes them such a valuable asset—their social media following. Posts on their blog and social media accounts, using your hashtags and tagging you, distributes your content to their extended audience of 10,000+ followers.


We harness the power of social media reach by distributing your content through Facebook and Instagram Ads. These ads appear in the main feed and click out to your site so the user can read the story.


Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads, we can target visitors or professionals who may be interested in reading your story. This platform is great for meetings and/or economic development stories, as we can identify job titles, employers, and past education, which will help us find your ideal audience. As users scroll through their LinkedIn Feed, Sponsored Content Ads encourage users to click, sending them to your site to engage with the content you’ve written.

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