Lead Generation

Targeted, qualified, interested leads

With marketing, the database you have to work with determines your return on investment. If the database becomes stale, outdated, or disengaged, your results will suffer as your budget is spent on messaging users who are unlikely to open, and even less likely to convert. That’s where Lead Generation comes in.


VacationFun.com is a website dedicated as a resource for travelers looking to be inspired to explore and adventure across the USA; from the Great Plains to the coastal towns and mountain ranges of the country. More than 500,000 unique users visit VacationFun.com annually. Exposure on VacationFun social platforms such as Facebook is also included to get your destination front-and-center with the VacationFun travel audience. We always recommend offering a Sweepstakes, as it incentivizes visitors to sign up and become a lead.


Looking for a new way to gather leads? Try a LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign. Based on a variety of calls-to-actions and objectives, you can easily generate high-quality leads from your campaigns. The lead forms are pre-populated with members’ contact and professional demographic information. It is easy for members to fill out the form with just a couple of clicks in the LinkedIn app.


If you don’t need a physical address to send travelers print materials, the easiest and best way to gather leads is through a Facebook Lead Generation campaign. We use the information Facebook already has on its users to create a custom, hyper-targeted audience for your campaign. The lead form auto populates, so from the user’s perspective, it is very easy.

Lead Nurturing, CRM Management, Email Marketing, Drip Campaigns, and more!

We start by taking a look at your current database of leads. Using our mail management software, we will learn about the existing users in that database based on their previous behaviors and interactions with your messages. From there, we can begin to tailor your database through segmentation.

Once we’ve expanded and cleaned your audience pool, we’ll build custom campaigns such as drip campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time, automated responses to nudge users forward to take next steps, automate workflows to deliver appropriate follow-ups based on actions or triggers, and/or broadcast a simple message for one-time sends. We’ll manage the entire process: creating custom-designed and written email templates, utilizing A/B testing to determine which template has the highest response, sending out the emails, and measuring performance.

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