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Understand Social Media Marketing Options

Social media has grown from an up-and-coming platform to a Wild West of multiple platforms, advertising opportunities, lead generation, video—you name it, you can do it on social media. Navigating which platforms make sense for your destination’s goals can often be a struggle. That’s where we step in. We do everything on social media. We’ve listed a few of the capabilities we have below, but would love to continue the conversation with you; fill out the form below when you are ready to talk.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

It’s no secret that Facebook Marketing has created several ways to help destinations engage with audiences. Your destination has the opportunity to use the Internet’s most powerful social media site through Facebook Ads.

Facebook and Instagram Prospecting Ads

Engaging with your brand and interacting with available content via Facebook and Instagram Ads encourages conversion activities. Users scroll through their feeds and see ads that speak to their interests, making the users more likely to click and connect with your website.

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Ads

Facebook and Instagram Remarketing Ads allow you to remarket to previous site visitors while they are using Facebook and/or Instagram, inspiring potential travelers to more deeply consider staying and playing in your destination.

Facebook Audience Network

The Facebook Audience Network is a network of apps and websites where users can view your Facebook Ads. When you purchase Facebook Ads, your ads will also appear on the Facebook Audience Network. The ads use the same targeting techniques as your Facebook ads, so you’ll reach your target audience on and off of Facebook.

How do Facebook and Instagram Ads work?

  • Our experts help create your ads
  • Choose whether your ads appear on the feed or in the right rail
  • Ads are delivered to desktop and mobile users in target audiences

Facebook Instant Experiences

Imagine an ad designed specifically for mobile devices that allows you to explore the content and learn more about your destination. Facebook Instant Experiences are intriguing because they are interactive—storytelling comes to life in ads that include video, still images, and call-to-action buttons. Viewers can tilt, zoom, swipe, and scroll in a seamless experience on both Android and iOS phones. Instant Experiences load 10x faster than the standard mobile web, creating a more branded ad experience.

How it works

  • Our experts create your ads using your assets
  • Ads are delivered to mobile users
  • The opening panel sets the tone and showcases your brand
  • Visitors swipe and tilt to see the rest of your panels, telling your story and showcasing your messaging
  • Clicks on panels go to your website so visitors can learn more and complete conversion activities

Facebook Lead Generation

If you don’t need a physical address to send travelers print materials, the easiest and best way to gather leads is through a Facebook Lead Generation campaign. When visitors sign up for Facebook, they provide useful personal information. We use this to create a custom, hyper-targeted audience for your campaign. Using the information that Facebook gathers from user’s profiles, the lead form auto populates—making it easy for users to submit their information.

Facebook Video

Video on Facebook does it all—it’s smart, sharable, and personal. Using Facebook’s network, you can target a specific audience with video ads, making sure that you are reaching the consumers who will be most interested in the content of your video. To get the most qualified viewers, you can target an audience who would be interested in your destination and their accompanying stories. The videos appear in the newsfeed, providing a more organic look and feel. First, we shorten the videos to 30 seconds and then distribute them through Facebook in the feed. Then your videos are linked back to your website.


Target Twitter users and encourage them to follow and interact with your Twitter handle. We’ll provide insight into who your followers are, where they are located, and when the best time to tweet is. In the 2016 Q1 shareholder letter, Twitter revealed total ad engagements grew 208% year-on-year—are you ready to get your brand out there and become a #tweetingexpert?


Sponsored Content

Using LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads, we’ll help you target professionals who may be interested in relocating to your destination. In the platform, we can identify job titles, employers, and past education, which will help us find your ideal audience. As they scroll through their LinkedIn Feed, Sponsored Content Ads encourage users to click, sending them to your site to engage with the content you’ve written.


There are more than 450 million business professionals on LinkedIn today, which makes it the most effective platform to reach the professionals as they search for new jobs and opportunities. The unique network provides an unparalleled opportunity to raise brand awareness, build relationships, and drive quality leads, encouraging viewers to relocate to your area. InMail allows us to target users by company, industry, job title, job function, and seniority, which is invaluable when finding the right audience to receive your custom messages.

Members only receive InMail messages when they are logged in, so you can be sure your message will be seen.

Dynamic Display Ads

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads reinforce brand identity, and drive engagement with premium audiences using dynamically generated ads, powered by profile data. This encourages potential consumers to take steps toward conversion. The ads pull data from the user’s profile, so it looks like the ad is specifically built for them. It’s a more engaging and trustworthy approach that can be customized to meet your campaign objectives.

Lead Generation

Looking for a new way to gather leads? The easiest and best way to gather leads is through a LinkedIn Lead Generation campaign. Based on a variety of calls-to-actions and objectives, you can easily generate high-quality leads from your campaigns. The lead forms are pre-populated with members’ contact and professional demographic information. It is easy for members to fill out the form with just a couple of clicks in the LinkedIn app.


With the available Snapchat On-demand Geofilter, your destination can promote its events in a unique, fun way. Imagine guests Shapchatting their followers with photos or videos of them enjoying your event. These screen filters encourage users to show off their location and customize their Snaps—adding personality while showing off your destination. The consumers who can see the filter, identified by being within a specified geographic area, can combine with other filters to create an image or video to share with their followers. Not only does this promote advocacy for guests in the area, but also broadens your reach to the followers of those guests.

How it works

  • Madden creates ads with your assets
  • A geo is set up, so only people within that specific area will be able to use your filter
  • The filter launches in time for your event
  • Visitors at the event take photos and videos using the filter, interesting their followers in visiting themselves


Pinterest ads help you reach visitors while they are in inspiration-mode. This is the prime time to influence where visitors travel. Promoted Pins are part of the main feed and look like regular Pins, so they don’t interrupt or distract Pinners. 73% of Pinners say that content from brands makes Pinterest more useful. Visitors can even save the Pin to their boards to revisit later on, just like a normal Pin. When someone saves your Promoted Pin, their Pinterest followers will also see your ad in their feeds, resulting in added value.

How it works

  • Madden creates pins for your account by using your photo assets and crafting compelling copy
  • We set up targeting parameters to ensure your audience sees your Pin
  • Choose your ROI: engagements or click-to-site


People go to Reddit to engage. Reddit resembles a message board where members follow certain topics, post questions, post comments, and vote on whether a topic is interesting, so it was built to encourage interactions. Reddit Promoted Posts tap into that atmosphere, bringing your post in front of your most relevant audience.

How it works

  • Promoted Posts are created by Madden using your creative assets
  • We set up targeting parameters to ensure your audience sees your post

Video Snippets

In order to complete your visual storytelling experience, Madden Media offers Video Snippets. Build brand awareness with these short-form videos that can be used in your social media ads. Users gaze 5x longer at video than at static content on Facebook and Instagram. Combining images, footage, and text with lively music sets the proper mood. We will craft a video that lets your brand messaging shine.

Video Snippets can be used on:

  • Facebook Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • YouTube

Social Media Management

Social Media Management include the methods that you use to maintain and update your social networks. Many of our partners do not have the time or resources to handle updating and communicating on all of their networks.

Social Media Management includes a mix of any and all of these areas:

  • Developing a Social Media strategy that integrates with paid advertising
  • Creating and posting content on consistent schedule
  • Responding to comments and messages
  • Managing contests and giveaways
  • Tracking performance and ROI
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