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Success Story

Amarillo CVC

Amarillo, TX

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The story delivered more than 4,000 clicks during the two-month campaign

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Average time on page exceeds 15 minutes

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Bounce rate of only 14 percent - significantly lower than industry average

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95 percent of content-driven traffic is new to the site


Custom hand-drawn illustrations accompany an experiential story as the writer takes on the Big Texan's famous 72-oz. Steak Challenge. This piece won a 2015 Destiny Award.

The Solution

Madden Media crafted an experiential story on the Big Texan's famous 72-oz. Steak Challenge, telling the story the contestant's perspective and providing a bite-by-bite breakdown. Furthermore, Madden's team designed an interactive landing page complete with custom handdrawn illustrations which added to the tone and flavor of the story.

Reaching Amarillo's Audience

Our digital marketing team distributed the content through a proprietary network of premium news and lifestyle websites, as well as through Facebook and Twitter promotion. The campaign was continuously optimized to ensure maximum results.

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