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Success Story

Experience Kissimmee

Kissimmee, FL

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More than 800,000 content campaign-driven website visits recorded

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90 percent of story-driven visitors were new to the website

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Average time on page double site average

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Month over month bounce rates decreased more than 30 percent

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Organic traffic to the site are now at levels greater than before the re-launch of the site and continue to rise


On the heels of a website re-launch, Experience Kissimmee noticed a downward trend in its organic site traffic – a common challenge because new links, page titles, and site organization can hurt search engine optimization (SEO). Because Experience Kissimmee is located in a highly competitive tourism region, they needed to reverse this trend immediately while establishing long-term SEO value on their website.

The Solution

Madden Media developed a strategy to boost long- and short-term traffic to Experience Kissimmee's website:

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