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Success Story

Visit Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay, FL

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The Summer 2014 campaign delivered a total of 128,747 clicks to

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The Winter 2015 campaign welcomed an average of 95 percent new traffic to to interact with the brand for the first time

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A separate Facebook initiative resulted in 158 downloads of the Visitors Guide App

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A Fall 2014 Content Distribution and Facebook Sweepstakes campaign demonstrated that women showed a wider interest in activities than initially determined


In 2013, Visit Tampa Bay underwent a massive rebranding effort. Its "Treasure Awaits" tagline and accompanying visual elements embodied the bold attitude of the city. The bureau also sought to more clearly define its target audiences into families, couples, "girl getaways," and "guy getaways," with appropriate messaging for each.

The Solution

Already the publisher of its Official Visitors Guide and manager of its annual search engine marketing efforts, Madden Media was the natural fit to bring all elements together and oversee Tampa Bay's 2014-2015 seasonal campaign initiatives.

By distributing client-provided content and promoting sweepstakes on social media, Madden Media drove new traffic to, increased conversions of the Visitors Guide app, and provided the client with new insights about its target audiences.