Make It Tampa Bay – When Old Friends Try New Tricks

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“The Madden team jumped at the challenge and within 12 months, Make It Tampa Bay has become a watchword for successful collaboration.”Patrick Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer

If it works, keep working it. Madden and Visit Tampa Bay have produced cross-platform campaigns together since 2005. Beginning in 2013, Madden became Visit Tampa Bay’s digital agency, tasked with delivering online solutions to increase visitation. But the Economic Development campaign is the ultimate feel-good story.

A Balancing Act

With Tampa Bay primed for explosive growth, Visit Tampa Bay was challenged to combine tourism and economic development into one cohesive message. With a recognizable leisure brand in place, Visit Tampa Bay brought Madden in to build a sister site to promote Tampa as the ultimate live/work/play destination in the U.S.

To keep the brand promise of Unlock Adventure consistent across channels, the new creative features some familiar components: immersive destination stories to put the reader in the heart of the action, bold colors and design elements that set Tampa apart from other destinations, and a fearless approach to travel that carries over to a fearless approach to living.

The Vitals

Put people in the destination, first by capturing their imaginations, then by getting their feet on the ground. That’s what we do.

Just as the leisure campaign lives and breathes by its content strategy backed by digital marketing to build web traffic, so goes the economic development campaign. Getting the economic-opportunity message across through storytelling was supported by social promotion and remarketing ads to reach target markets such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas.

Madden has become Visit Tampa Bay’s go-to for innovative digital marketing campaigns.

The campaign has resulted in 69,000+ total website sessions with click-through and time-on-page rates above industry averages, and 275 new newsletter subscriptions. The new Job Search function saw 800+ job searches in the first month.

Madden has become Visit Tampa Bay’s go-to for innovative digital marketing campaigns. Up next, a collaboration with 13 downtown hotels to increase overnight stays by promoting big events to visitors within the drive market.

Ground Rule: Don’t Hesitate

  • 69,000+ total website sessions
  • 4.4 million impressions to a targeted business audience
  • 275 newsletter subscriptions
  • 800+ job searches in first month of new function
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