2019-2020 NYSTIA Cooperative Marketing Programs

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Drive interested travelers directly to you!

NYSTIA Cooperative Marketing Programs give you three ways to increase your brand awareness and encourage audience interaction.

multiple packages to fit your budget

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So-Fi Video Production and Distribution

An effective way to create video using User Generated Content (UGC) for distribution through YouTube TrueView and Facebook Ads.

  • Inspire Visitors to come to your destination
  • Paid distribution of final video on Facebook

Search Engine Marketing

Ensures a greater share of relevant and interested consumers choose your website over a competitor’s.

  • Trusted experts manage your account
  • Receive transparent, understandable, and detailed reports monthly

Prospecting & Remarketing Display

Strategically designed to drive new traffic to the appropriate page of interest on your website.

  • Experts design ads to drive traffic to your site
  • Drive response and engagement with targeted consumers

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Program Runs: 2019-2020
Package Details Net Cost
Bronze 1 Video; 11,000+ Video Views $5,000
Silver 2 Videos; 21,200+ Video Views $9,000
Gold 3 Videos; 36,700+ Video Views $14,000