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Amplified Storytelling delivers keyword-rich content that boosts long-term SEO and brings new consumers to your site. Interactive design and first-person narratives increase time-on-site and engagement with your brand. Your custom story elicits emotion and inspires readers to become visitors.

up to 12,300 clicks in three months!

Need more reasons?

Your custom-written story lives on in the 2020 Explore St. Louis Interactive Digital Magazine, as well as on your own website! Complete ownership of your story means opportunities for further marketing.

Purchase additional direct distribution to increase your story’s reach with qualified clicks directly to your website! Choose from Madden’s digital distribution packages:

How it works:

A first-person narrative story about your destination is written by a professional writer.

Your custom-written story lives on in the Explore St. Louis Interactive Digital Magazine, as well as on your own website.

By purchasing a distribution add-on, native and social ads target potential travelers, encouraging them to read your story.

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • For Maximum Value Sign Up By: August 2020
  • Final Commitments Made By: May 1, 2021
  • Launch Timing: Campaign will launch 8–10 weeks after contract is signed.
Package Details Net Rate
Storytelling 1 Story with a Presentation Layer $2,500
Discover 6,550+ clicks, 3 months $3,750
Explore 7,450+ clicks, 3 months $4,000
Journey 12,300+ clicks, 3 months $6,000
* Includes 4-color photo and design