Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism Facebook/Instagram Cooperative Campaign

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Lets get social!

Is your business well represented on the most powerful social media networks on the internet? Connecting with your target audience is easier than ever with the Facebook Cooperative Campaign. Users scroll through their feeds, see ads that speak to their interests, and click to connect with your website.

every month u.s. consumers spend 2 billion+ hours on social media sites*
*Source: The Nielsen Company


Increase brand awareness. You want everybody to know your name and dream of a vacation in your destination.

Encourage interaction with your content. The whole point of an ad is to inspire your audience to take the next action toward conversion.

We take care of it all. We will design and deploy multi-panel carousel ads to potential travelers, with the final ad in each panel co-branded by Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism.

Sponsor Contribution

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism will pay almost 1/3 of campaign costs for all flights.

How it works:

• Our Experts help create your ads

• Choose to appear in the Facebook newsfeed or on the right rail

• Reach your targeting goals as ads are delivered to desktop or mobile users

• Your ads run for three months

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Daryl Whitworth, CTE
Director of Business Development
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Aug/Sept/Oct Flight: materials due 4 weeks prior to campaign launch
Flight Details Rate
Aug/Sept/Oct 2,900 Prospecting Clicks, 1,500 Remarketing Clicks $2,700 (after sponsor contribution)