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Generate Leads Responsibly

The implementation of the CCPA and GDPR in recent years impacts the way we collect and manage personal information. Progressively, the TTIA and Madden Media have joined together to help Texas partners collect leads through a new privacy-compliant Facebook Lead Generation Campaign that encourages you to capture leads from your own website and privately maintain this information. This is a privacy responsible approach to your marketing efforts.

attract more leads with a sweepstakes!

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns are the easiest and best way to gather high-quality leads
for your target market. Facebook users provide a lot of personal information that enables us to
target the audience most likely to benefit from your products. By offering a sweepstakes to
these audiences, you can acquire leads that are most interested in visiting your destination —
not just consumers interested in the state.

• Maintain compliance with privacy and information sharing guidelines.
• Receive campaign development, management, and reporting from Madden’s trusted experts.


You provide the sweepstakes prize that entices Facebook users to “Enter to Win!”

Madden’s experts create & deploy the form promoting your destination.

Interested consumers complete the form, providing highly qualified leads.

Your lead database grows; Madden reports on the campaign’s success.

Partners are asked to offer a two-night getaway that includes a pass to an area attraction. Lead Generation campaigns with an appealing sweepstakes prize tend to perform better and attract more leads.

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Campaign Timing: April 2020 - July 2020
Campaigns Leads Generated Partner Cost
Discover 750+ Leads $5,000
Explore 1,300+ Leads $7,500
Journey 1,950+ Leads $11,000