2020 Texas First Amplified Storytelling

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Inspire. Engage. Connect.

Your destination has a unique story, let’s share it. Amplified Storytelling with a Presentation Layer offers the opportunity to convert dreamers into visitors. Captivating first-person narratives paired with a custom-designed interactive web page pull readers into an experience that elicits emotions and paints a picture, spurring them toward conversion.

inspire travelers with your very own story

Amplified Storytelling with a Presentation Layer

This high-performance duo lives on your site, utilizing your targeting to encourage the audience to immerse themselves in your story.

This asset development plan is the performance responsible approach to your inspirational marketing.


Asset Development. On average, 90% of readers are new to site.
Increase time-on-site. Audiences stay on site 3x longer with Presentation Layers.
Evoke an emotional reaction. Readers want to experience your destination for themselves.


  • A first-person narrative is written and paired with interactive photos by our professionals.
  • We pinpoint your target audience through Madden Media’s proprietary, audience development network.
  • A click takes the reader to the story on your site where they become immersed in your destination.

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Director, Business Development
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Sign Up By: July 2020
  • Campaign Run Time: 3 - 4 months
  • Production Cycle: Please allow 8 weeks for creation.
Package Partner Cost
Story with Presentation Layer $2,950
Discover Package: 5,000 Clicks + $3,000
Explore Package: 8,300 Clicks + $5,000