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You want to inspire consumers to solidify travel plans and book their adventure—that’s where Search Engine Marketing comes in. It’s the foundation of your digital marketing plan, there to ensure a greater share of relevant and interested consumers choose your website over a competitor’s. This cooperative plan helps you get qualified traffic to your site without having to manage the account or breaking your budget. Madden Media’s experts are here to help you every step of the way.

extend your media through our buying power!

What’s in it for you?

  • Participation is easy. Madden will build a custom SEM plan for your destination and implement the campaign. You pay half and we bill Visit Mississippi for the other half.
  • Make the most of your budget. Together, we will work toward your ultimate goal of stretching marketing dollars further while delivering a high volume of relevant visits to your site.
  • Trusted experts manage your account. Madden Media will use the Google search engine for this campaign. Our digital marketing professionals are Google certified to deliver quality campaign results.


  • Our Google Certified Experts analyze your site and make specific keyword recommendations.
  • We customize your ads to match search terms and bring interested users to
    your site.
  • Our SEM experts check performance and optimize your campaign daily.
  • You receive transparent, understandable, and detailed reports every month.

SEM Partnership Plan FY 2021

Visit Mississippi’s SEM partnership plan provides the opportunity for a coordinated strategy in the implementation of pay-per-click search engine marketing for our destination marketing organizations throughout Mississippi.

Partnership match of $500 per month for three months ($1,500 total)


Larger monthly spends and extended runs are available. Contact Daryl for custom plan options.

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Daryl Whitworth, CTE
Destination Strategy Director
940-372-3933   |   Email

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Sign Up By: June 1, 2021
  • Campaign Timing: January 2021 - September 30, 2021
Program Details Net
3 Month SEM Plan Receive 4,500 guaranteed clicks to your site $500 per month
Partner Match Visit Mississippi will match your investment each month $500 match per month
* 3 month commitment is required for partner match