Bandwango Digital Campaign Packages

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Guide the Traveler’s Journey with Multi-Platform Engagement

Your destination has a unique story, and the Digital Campaign Packages offered by Madden in partnership with Bandwango can help you convert dreamers into visitors. Optimized content and a consistent brand strategy can expand your channels and impact your target audience.

1,000s of clicks through native ads and social media

Story Distribution

Let’s tell the story of your upcoming Bandwango promotion. What makes it unique and special? What emotions will the consumers feel as they take on this new experience? Through our Audience Development Network, we will distribute your story to new prospects.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook/Instagram is the perfect network to reach consumers looking for a new travel experience. With the available in-depth targeting abilities, you will connect with your ideal audience and inspire them to check out your latest Passport.

Google Ads

Google remarketing ads send visitors to your site by utilizing your pool of past site visitors. We are able to remarket to those consumers who have shown interest in your Passport but haven’t signed up yet. We use messaging to gain that final conversion.

Lookalike Audiences

To dig deeper in targeting and find consumers like those who have recently signed up to participate in your program, we will create audiences with similar interests and behaviors as those that have already downloaded the pass.

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Destination Development Strategist
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • PRODUCTION: Please allow 8-10 weeks
Package Details Partner Net Rate
Package 1 2-month campaign length, 3,400+ clicks through native ads, 2,800+ clicks through Facebook/Instagram Marketing Ads, 500+ clicks through Google Ads, 200+ clicks through Facebook Instant Experience $10,000
Package 2 4-month campaign length, 8,600+ clicks through native ads, 7,000+ clicks through Facebook/Instagram Marketing Ads, 1,300+ clicks through Google Ads, 600+ clicks through Facebook Instant Experience $25,000
Package 3 10–12-month campaign length, 17,200+ clicks through native ads, 14,200+ clicks through Facebook/Instagram Marketing Ads, 2,700+ clicks through Google Ads, 1,300+ clicks through Facebook Instant Experience $50,000