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Inspire. Engage. Connect.

You have a unique story and Explore Branson Amplified Storytelling Co-op offers the opportunity to convert dreamers into visitors.

your custom-written story: on as well as on your own website.


Captivating first-person narratives pull readers into an experience only you can give them and elicits emotion that paints a picture, spurring them toward conversion. Madden Media’s team of experts develop a custom-written story that lives on Explore Branson, utilizing your targeting to encourage the audience to immerse themselves in your story.

What’s in it for you?

  • Reach your target audience. Create meaningful connections.
  • Evoke an emotional reaction. Readers want to experience your brand for themselves.
  • Increase time-on-site. That’s more exposure for your message and brand.
  • Boost long-term, organic SEO. Keyword-rich stories get you noticed.

How it works:

  1. A first-person narrative story about your brand is written by a professional writer.
  2. We pinpoint your target audience through Madden Media’s proprietary audience development network.
  3. A click takes the reader to the story on Explore Branson’s website.

Complete ownership of your story means opportunities for further marketing.

Purchase additional direct distribution to increase your story’s reach with
qualified clicks directly to your website!

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Destination Development Specialist
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • For Maximum Value Sign Up By: January 2020
  • Final Commitments Made By: Oct 2021
  • Launch Timing: Campaign launch 8-10 weeks after contract is signed
Package Details Rates
Bronze Package 2 month campaign: 1 Story with a Presentation Layer $3,432
Silver Package 3 month campaign: 1 Story with a Presentation Layer, 3,800+ Estimated Clicks $6,050
Gold Package 4 month campaign: 1 Stories with Presentation Layers, 8,000+ Estimated Clicks $8,800