Louisiana 2021 Staycation Remarketing Campaign

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You want to create brand awareness and encourage travelers to take the next step toward booking their STAYcation— Remarketing Ads do just that. Combining your vivid imagery and strong calls-to-action are our specialty, making your ad stand out. Madden’s experts are here to help you every step of the way.

up to 1.6 million display ad impressions

How it works

Madden Media will help you build a Staycation campaign to drive markets using the Google Display Network. Through sophisticated targeting parameters, Madden will serve display ads to consumers who are actively considering a Louisiana STAYcation and have recently searched on LousianaTravel.com. These ads are delivered to a look-a-like audience, one who loves to travel, enjoys food and exploring. This technique lets us know what area of Louisiana they are interested in visiting and we can layer in the geo-targets and niches (outdoors, dining, etc).

Video Marketing offers the ability to include video ads in your marketing mix and diversify your reach across platforms. We can utilize the Louisiana Travel Association’s established remarketing pool as a key audience for your videos, further exciting travelers and encouraging conversion.


  • Showcase your unique business to a highly-qualified audience.
  • Motivate travelers to start planning and booking by promoting the best places to stay and play in Louisiana. Remarketing traffic from LouisianaTravel.com boosts your impact and reach.
  • Complete campaign management. Custom ad creation, strategic targeting, and monthly reporting included.

What do you have to do?

This is a turn-key program and Madden will build the display ads for you. You just need to provide a 15 or 30 second video.

How do you know it is working?

Madden will send you monthly reports on results via our Madden Voyage dashboard.

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Run Time: Available through June 2021
Options Bronze Silver Gold
Google Display Ads 364,000+ Impressions, 2 months 944,000+ Impressions, 2 months 1.6M+ Impressions, 3 months
Google Remarketing Ads 173,000+ Impressions, 2 months 449,000+ Impressions, 2 months 786,000+ Impressions, 3 months
Google Video Distribution 9,900+ View, 1 month 28,750+ View, 2 months 45,000+ View, 3 months
Net Rate: $5,000 $9,600 $14,500