Louisiana Travel Association Canadian-Focused Display Ad Cooperative Campaign

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Introducing the North to the South

You want to create brand awareness and encourage travelers from Canada to take the next step toward booking their dream vacation—Prospecting and Remarketing Display Ads do just that. Combining your vivid imagery and strong calls-to-action are our specialty, making your ad stand out

over 200,000 ad impressions


  • Reach Canadian consumers interested in a Louisiana vacation. Showcase your unique business to a highly-qualified audience.
  • Bring them back. A remarketing tag is placed on the LTA website allowing us to utilize geotargeting tactics to identify Canadian visitors already interested in a trip to Louisiana, and serve them ads. Remarketing traffic from LouisianaTravel.com boosts your impact and reach.
  • Complete campaign management. Custom ad creation, strategic targeting, and monthly reporting included with each package.

How It Works

  1. Ads are delivered to your targeted Canadian audience

  2. Interested travelers visit LouisianaTravel.com

  3. After visiting LTPA.org, they see your ads while browsing the web—the ads encourage them to click

  4. Clicking sends them to your website

This program is in the LTA Marketing Planner and can be reserved with Tiffany Schultz at LTA. 

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Director of Business Development
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Sign up by: June 30, 2021
  • Program launch: Flexible according to your marketing calendar
  • Production cycle: Please allow 2 weeks for material creation
Options Details Partner Net Rates
Option 1 2 months, 255,000 Prospecting impressions, 120,000 Remarketing impressions $3,000
Option 2 2 months, 650,000 Prospecting impressions, 320,000 Remarketing impressions $5,400
Option 3 3 months, 1 million Prospecting impressions, 500,000 Remarketing impressions $7,000