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Modern visitor profile data to guide your marketing strategies

Madden partners with UberMedia to provide Visitor Profile Reports that are comprised of quantitative and qualitative data to help answer key questions about visitation to your destination.

four valuable, in-depth reports

Data-Driven Insights

Understanding who your visitors are guides your marketing decisions—it’s crucial to build campaigns based upon trusted data. Our team develops a Visitor Profile in partnership with UberMedia, a mobile location data aggregator. This profile gives much deeper insights than can be achieved through standard intercept studies.


This quantitative analysis can help tell the story of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as help to forecast recovery. These reports give you the ability to see:
• Historical visitation data to directly compare average visitation vs the impacts of COVID-19 visitation on the destination.
• Understanding of visitation trends
• Understanding of how origin markets have changed across 10 points of interest and timeframes
• Ability to understand granular trends and react quickly as travel begins
• Ability to market to people and lookalike audiences of actual people visiting points of interest

How It Works

  1. You select 10 locations we will polygon and look at. This will provide great information you can share with those 10 partners.
  2. Madden collaborates with UberMedia to collect, prepare, and disseminate mobile consumer data focused on location and behavioral information.
  3. All information gathered from mobile device IDs of visitors is analyzed to deliver four reports with key insights to guide your future marketing efforts.


• A five-week data research study to identify visitor volumes, visitor profiles, source markets, and audience affinities.
• Four reports including a Source Market Report, Demographic Report, Zero Point Report for 10 points of interest (for example hotels, restaurants, events), and an Audience Affinity Report.

  1. Visitor Origin Report
    This shows visitors that appear in a specific geo-polygon (i.e. your destination) based on where they live, known as their Common Evening Location(CEL). The CEL is determined by the location where mobile IDs are pinged most consistently during overnight hours, which is registered as the home location. This helps us identify origin travel markets during a specific date range.
  2. Demographic Report
    We use census data alongside mobile device data points to understand the demographic makeup of your visitor. This includes average age, ethnicity, education, and HHI.
  3. Zero Point Report
    By specifying points of interest (POI) we determine which devices were in market during a specific time frame, and specifically where they were seen.
  4. Audience Affinity Report
    What are travelers who visit your destination interested in? The audience affinity report will help us understand the types of activities and interests of visitors to help inform decisions on what types of images, or even ad placements could resonate best to reach our target audience.

This program is in the LTA Marketing Planner and can be reserved with Tiffany Schultz at LTA. 

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Sign up by: June 30, 2021
  • Program launch: Starts at any time—you select the dates to look back at past data
Visitor Profile Population 150,000 or less Population 150,000 to 1 million
LTA Member Net Rate $8,360 $12,320