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Our team is incredibly excited to be the new Agency of Record for Idaho. With our experience working with destinations around the country and incredible buying power across many channels, we know our team can deliver for you. One of the changes this year made by the state is a review of the current approach to their cooperative marketing program. The result is that cooperative marketing funds will not be available for this upcoming grant cycle. However, we have worked across many of our media buys for Visit Idaho and beyond to build pricing packages for you to leverage your grant dollars that support your continuing marketing efforts and maximize your budgets. Please note, we expect to see BrandUSA and International Opportunities that will be available for cooperative funding.

extend your media through our buying power!

Overall Approach

Our approach to assembling media plans is not based on a cafeteria-style menu to select a little from column A and column B. For Madden, the best part of not having a state-sponsored co-op program is we get to listen and plan alongside of you. We work with you to define clear goals across all your media and at each stage of the travelers journey.

In the table below, you will find pricing for Performance-Driven Media and Committed Media Buys. Our Performance-Driven Media programs include Madden’s experts managing the full delivery, management, and optimization of the media. These are typically media that run on platforms like Google, Facebook, Choozle, Pinterest, etc. Our Committed Media Buys are programs where we work to setup a plan with the media vendor and they execute the planned media buys. These programs include TripAdvisor, Expedia, Hulu, Sojern, and Conversant.

Bottom line: We want to create a media plan that works for your marketing plan and the goals of your destination, and we can customize an approach for you.

Performance-Driven Media

Display Remarketing and Travel Intent

Would you like access to a qualified audience? Perhaps the same audience that has already engaged with Visit Idaho across their website, Connected TV offerings, social media, and other existing media? If consumers are interested in Idaho, help them know where they should go by moving this qualified audience from interested to planning to visit your destination.

Through our remarketing and travel intent efforts, we will combine your vivid imagery and strong calls-to-action to make your ads stand out and move someone down the path to visitation. Using machine-learning and intent-based audiences, we will expand your display ads to those who are demonstrating an intent to travel for activities customized to your destination.

Remarketing to Visit Idaho’s audience promotes regional travel and longer visits to the state.

Search Engine Marketing

Search should be the foundation of any digital marketing plan. It is there to ensure a greater share of relevant and interested consumers choose your destination over a competitor. This cooperative approach to search helps you get qualified traffic to your site without competing against your neighbors. Our Google Certified Experts analyze your site and make specific recommendations and optimizations throughout the life of your campaign.

Extend Media Buying Power

We have already done the hard work of negotiating buys with a number of vendors that include:

  • Connected TV
  • Hulu
  • TripAdvisor
  • Expedia
  • Sojern
  • Conversant

We can use our current buying power with these vendors to get you access as part of a larger campaign, often well below their minimums.

Market Research

Need to move from theory to planning? Let us take a deep dive into the Arrivalist platform to provide you with insights we are seeing from the state level. Madden offers more robust research through partnerships with companies like Conversant Media and UberMedia. Some background on our research approach can be found here.

You will also be able to see all of your reporting along with addition research that we can share among partners through our reporting and analytics dashboard, Madden Voyage.

Asset and Website Development

Are you still buying website redesigns? Thinking about a relaunch? When was your last major update? Weeks, months, a couple years ago? Is your website as dynamic and goal-oriented as your marketing plan? If not, check out our approach to website development. Some clients whom we are privileged to work with include:

If you’re not ready to change your entire website, check out some of our storytelling efforts and Presentation Layers. The Baycrafted series is a favorite of ours. Did you know Madden writes over 500 stories a year?

If you have not updated your video assets recently, check out some highlights we have from prior shoots with our clients. Whenever possible, we shoot in 8K to bring high-resolution stills from the video and gain maximum return on your investment. By pairing a photo shoot with video production, Madden efficiently provides a refresh to your brand assets. Get a glimpse of some of our work with Lake Havasu, and if you like Manatees, we just released this video for Discover Crystal River.

Extend the Value to Your Partners

We know your partners can benefit from investments that you, the state, and your media partners make to promote your tourism efforts. Madden has extensive experience working with larger partners to share their investment with smaller partners. We can work with you to extend your cooperative marketing efforts to generate cash match activity from your partners that can deliver results!

As a reminder, if these programs are funded by the Idaho Travel Council Grants, the media must follow these guidelines. We know budgets often depend on ITC Grant Approval, and we can reserve space contingent on approvals of your grant applications.

Also, here are some best practices to consider when submitting your ad units.

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Reserve this pricing by: May 29, 2020
Size Details Net Member Rates
Search Engine Marketing 3,500 Clicks (3-month Program) $3,000
Search Engine Marketing $16,000 Clicks (3-month Program) $12,000
Display Remarketing and Travel Intent 400,000 Impressions $3,000
Display Remarketing and Travel Intent 1,700,000 Impressions $12,000
* Programs will begin August 1, 2020 and must be completed and closed out by September 30, 2021. All pricing and options depend on your goals, objectives, media assets, and availability. Our team will help you craft a program customized to your needs.