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Guide the Traveler’s Journey with Multi-Platform Engagement.

Your destination has a unique story and the Digital Campaign Packages offered by Madden can help you convert dreamers into visitors. Optimized content and a consistent brand strategy can expand your channels and tell your story.

1,000's of clicks through native ads and social media

Amplified Storytelling

A traveler interacts with your brand through custom-written, transformational stories created by our network of writers. Then, a visually dynamic page we call a Presentation Layer is created to accompany the story. Readers are transported to your destination through compelling first-person narrative that drives them to consider the destination.

Story Distribution

Distribute your content through both native and social channels. Through our Audience Development Network of news and lifestyle websites, we will optimize placements daily to ensure your content is seen by the right people. On Facebook and Instagram, sponsored posts feature the content we’ve created for you. These ads reinforce your brand messaging and direct users to the story on your site.

Video Distribution

Travelers will be encouraged to interact even further with YouTube video distribution. The videos are delivered as In-Stream Ads that play before, during, or after another video.


VENDOR: Madden Media/Facebook/YouTube
TAB: Digital Sheet
TYPE: Video, Banner, Native Ads

With MMG funding through Visit Missouri, you can impact your target audience at an affordable cost. All package levels are eligible for reimbursement.

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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • CAMPAIGN TIMING: July 1, 2020–June 30, 2021
  • PREFERRED COMMITMENT DATE: September 30, 2020* (*optimal date for best performance)
  • PRODUCTION: Please allow 8-10 weeks
Package Details Partner Net Rate
Package 1 6-Month campaign length; 2 Stories, 2 Presentation Layers, 9,000+ clicks through native ads; 6,000+ clicks through Facebook/Instagram Marketing Ads; 18,000+ video views $26,500
Package 2 6-Month campaign length; 2 Stories, 2 Presentation Layers, 14,000+ clicks through native ads; 10,000+ clicks through Facebook/Instagram Marketing Ads; 20,000+ video views $32,000