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The Official Sioux Falls Visitor Guide delivers the best of Sioux Falls to potential visitors. The guide is the foremost source of information for finding where the stay, where to go, and what to do while planning and visiting. Showcase your shop, hotel, restaurant, or attraction in the 2025 guide that will be available in 125,000 printed copies and unlimited digital downloads!

Download OVG Rate Card

important dates

advertorial rates & specs

Advertorial SizeInformationCost
2 Page SpreadTwo 7.0″ x 9.75″ pages on a spread
Up to 375 words, 5 images
Full Page Layout A (See Page 2 of Rate Card)7.0″ x 9.75″, up to 160 words, 2 images$3,600
Full Page Layout B (See Page 2 of Rate Card)7.0″ x 9.75″, up to 185 words, 3 images$3,600
Half Horizontal7.0″ x 4.80″, up to 125 words, 1 image$2,100
Quarter Vertical3.40″ x 4.80″, up to 75 words, 1 image$1,425


program rates, specs, & deadlines

Premium PositionAd SizeCost
Back cover7.0″ x 9.75″$4,450
Inside front cover7.0″ x 9.75″$3,725
Inside back cover7.0″ x 9.75″$3,725
Opposite Table of Contents
(Right-Hand Read)
7.0″ x “9.75”$3,725
Opposite Table of Contents
(Left-Hand Read)
7.0″ x 9.75″$3,725
Opposite Welcome & Masthead
(1 Page)
7.0″ x 9.75″$3,725
Standard PositionAd SizeCost
Half Vertical or Horizontal Display
(Hotel Ads Only)
7.0″ x 4.80″$2,100
Quarter Display
(Hotel Ads Only)
3.40″ x 4.80″$1,425
Eighth Display
(Hotel Ads Only)
3.40″ x 2.40″$785
Display Advertisement options will only be available for hotels and premiums.
Experience Sioux Falls has final decision on all ad placements and production total.



Specialty co-op pages are available at these rates and will be arranged together based on business type or location. They are available to all relevant businesses throughout Sioux Falls. Final co-op ad page counts and placements will be finalized after ad close, based on total participation by relevant businesses.

Download Co-Op Rate Card

Downtown Co-Op Ads: Businesses located downtown are the only entities that qualify for this option

Specialty Co-Op Ads: Categorization of Business Type

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