VISIT FLORIDA Visitor Profile Cooperative Campaign

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Understanding who a destination's visitors are helps guide marketing decisions

Your Visitor Profile gives deeper insights than can be achieved through standard intercept studies and reveals data such as visitor volumes, profiles source markets, audience affinities, demographics, travel party size, average expenditures, category of expenditures, and answers to trip planning questions.

this co-op utilizes the mobile location data aggregator, ubermedia, to develop a visitor profile.


  • Learn more about who is visiting your destination, attraction, or lodging. By knowing who visits, you can build like-audiences for future marketing initiatives.
  • Geographic focus. Only receive data about travelers who visit your destination.
  • Four Key Reports. Deliverables include Visitor Origin, Demographic, Zero Point, and Audience Affinity reports.


  1. A polygon is drawn around your geographic location
  2. UberMedia tracks users who enter the polygon via IP targeting
  3. A report is built based on known data about those IP addresses
  4. Your custom report includes visitor volumes, profiles source marketings, demographics, category of expenditures, and more

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Danah Heye
Director, Business Development
727-542-5462   |   Email
TJ Fletcher
Director, Business Development
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Program Rates & Deadlines

  • Sign Up By: April 30, 2021
  • Campaign Timing: June 2020 - July 2021
  • Launch Timing: Custom data report will be ready approximately 4 weeks after contract is signed
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Package Total Net Cost $6,885 $9,180
Destination Population <150,000 150,000- 1 million
* for destinations over 1 million in population or interest in competitive analysis, contact Danah or TJ.