Madden and Persosa

The Power of Personalization

Madden is proud to announce our partnership with Persosa to help our clients (and ourselves) personalize websites and deliver the content consumers are looking for. We believe individuals with unique interests should not see generic information after clicking on an ad that is highly focused. With Madden and Persosa, consumers receive a personalized user experience throughout their journey.

Personalization prioritizes information the user cares about, giving them what they want, when they want it. In addition to tailoring the user experience based on audience segmentation, personalization improves ROI through increased customer engagement. Users won’t have to wade through the content on a website for what they’re looking for—relevant content will appear first based on how the user finds the site, their location, or even their demographics.

How it works:

Content is customized based on how users reach your site:

  • When users click on SEM, Facebook, Display, or native ads, the targeting parameters from that ad are used to modify the content on your site.
  • If a user finds your site organically, their behavior is tracked and content that is related to what they are interested in is prioritized.

Dynamic pages replace static landing pages:

  • Page titles, Calls to Action, imagery, and copy can all be modified based on the topics most relevant to the user.
  • If you choose to create advertising opportunities for partners on your site, personalization delivers the most appropriate ad.

Consistent messaging becomes easier:

  • Email and remarketing follow-up ads incorporate content specific to the user’s experience.
  • For each audience segment you identify, Madden and Persosa create personalized funnels to reach them and create a connection.

Every movement is tracked:

  • Performance and engagement analytics help determine what’s working in order to make adjustments to content or targeting that may need optimization.
  • Custom Google Analytics measurements are incorporated into your reporting dashboard, keeping all of your data in one place.

Endless Opportunities

Madden and Persosa will help your site stand out from competitor sites that use a “one size fits all” approach. Personalization helps you develop a one-to-one conversation with your audience and delivers the information and inspiration they’re looking for, making their experience customized and effortless.

For example, the user experience for a local consumer who is already familiar with your destination should be different than the experience of someone out of state. Both geography-based tracks guide the user toward conversion but account for different levels of awareness. Another way to personalize content is based on the user’s demographics. A young couple looking for a romantic getaway and a mom planning her family’s annual beach vacation should see different content on your website. If the user reads a story about family fun, the next recommended page should focus on upcoming events for families as opposed to nightlife attractions.

Looking to revamp your site? While we recommend personalizing as much of your site as possible to keep the experience consistent, data can be collected whether or not the experience is turned on and can actually help inform a redesign. Most marketers identify their audience qualitatively—personalization will validate audience data quantitatively.

Check out Persosa’s White Paper for more details on how personalization can improve your site.

The Ultimate User Experience

Incorporating personalization helps engage consumers and deliver the content they want in the most inspirational way possible. User experience is key, and your site should adapt based on the individual perusing your pages. Together, Madden and Persosa will create the ultimate personalized experience for each visitor to your website. To see how it all works, check out the demonstration below!

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