OnLocation & OnLocation PLUS

In the SEO game, awareness is everything

We are excited to tell you about the launch of OnLocation and OnLocation PLUS—Madden’s newest SEO-boosting product lines that will allow you and your partners to reap the following benefits:

  • Increase and improve your brand awareness in Google searches
  • Generate more organic clicks to your site
  • Increase the number of visitors in your market
  • Provide travelers a way to find waypoints while they are in your location and when they are in the planning stages

Let us do the heavy lifting

When you hear SEO jargon such as “increasing meta description”, “h1 tags”, “backlinks”, or “barnacle SEO,” do you feel a bit overwhelmed? No worries because our team at Madden lives and breathes this stuff and our brand-new program—OnLocation—is about having us do it all so you don’t have to. Madden will conduct an in-depth evaluation of the top 25–30 attractions in your market from our offices in Tucson, Arizona. We’ll also evaluate your consumer reviews, photos, and events to determine whether they are on brand and positively promoting your market and partners.

“SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate.”1

Feet on your streets

Even better, OnLocation PLUS includes all of the good stuff from OnLocation, and we go, you guessed it, on location to your neck of the woods where we’ll conduct in-person, two-day networking workshops with Google Local Guides and your partners. New reviews on Google Maps, exclusive training on maintaining compelling content for Google My Business, touring your destination’s top attractions to collect photos and video assets for your partners to use in Google My Business, and weekly reporting calls to high-five about your SEO progress are included.

“A Google study recently ran two variations of the same ad—a traditional video versus a 360-degree video—and the 360 version triumphed with 41% more ‘earned actions’ (subscribes, shares, and views).”2

Lead by example

Your partners look to you as an expert. When you get on board with implementing everything Madden can do to boost your SEO, both you and your partners will benefit. You’ll appear more prominently in Google searches and all of you will reap the rewards.

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Location-based Marketing

Want to target audiences in a particular location? By now you’ve probably heard about Geofencing, and might even have incorporated it into your marketing mix, but what about Boomerang? How do you know which digital marketing tool will best meet your needs? Have no fear—the answer is clear:

Madden | Geofencing

From a person’s location, you can glean valuable details about who they are. Geofencing is a location-based digital marketing tool that allows marketers to welcome potential customers who enter a virtual perimeter with mobile display ads relative to their location. For example, travelers are targeted with ads for your destination simply because they have entered a strategically chosen and precise area.

How it works:

  • Visitors enter your geo-targeted area
  • While browsing on their phone, they see your ad
  • Clicking sends them to your site
Digital Marketing Tools How Geofencing and Boomerage can help reach customers

Madden | Boomerang

We take Mobile Display Ads a step further— we can serve ads to event leads before they even visit your website! With Boomerang, you can go back and connect with visitors to high-traffic events, attractions, or accommodations from the past year. Madden has developed a custom network of high-quality users based on their attendance at industry-specific events using historical date ranges and map-based technology, in addition to the many other ways to utilize this technology.

How it works:

  • Events, attractions, or accommodations where your target audience was present are identified
  • We “travel back in time” to find visitors who were at that location
  • Custom mobile ads are served to the consumers within the geofence at the date and time identified

Real-world example:

Visit Frisco wanted to entice meeting planners to travel to Texas for their next event. A geofence was created around a conference center where an event for meeting planners took place.

Geofencing: During the event, attendees were served Mobile Display Ads that clicked through to Frisco’s landing page.

Boomerang: Thirty days after the conference, attendees continued to receive mobile ads about Frisco’s event capabilities.

Analytics for the campaign showed that audiences were extremely engaged. Click-through rates for both initial and follow up ads were well above industry averages, bounce rates were far below typical percentages, and time on page rose far beyond the site average.

Which should you pick?

Use Geofencing if you want to serve mobile ads to audiences at a particular place during a particular time frame.

  • Example: A restaurant geofences a nearby sports arena during a big game in order to increase brand awareness.

Use Boomerang if you want to serve mobile ads to an audience that attended an event or location after the event is over.

  • Example: Vineyard X serves ads to audiences who attended a competitor Vineyard Y’s event last month in order to promote Vineyard X’s upcoming event.

Whether used in tandem or separately, Geofencing and Boomerang are effective digital marketing tools to add to your campaign when used strategically.

Now anyone can create a professional video ad

If you’ve wanted to advertise on YouTube to reach consumers with your video ads but don’t have the time, money, or direction to create them, you’re in luck. As of March 2018, the YouTube Director onsite program has been made available in more than 170 cities across the U.S. to help businesses leverage the power and reach of the platform.

As a marketer in the travel industry that strives to reach travelers with your campaigns, this program makes it easy for anyone to create a professional video to include in your efforts. When you commit to spending at least $350 in advertising on YouTube through Google AdWords, you can access the program to connect with an expert to film and edit a 30-second professional YouTube video. That amount of spend can typically yield over 1,000 views. What would you do with 1,000 new travelers getting to experience your brand through video on a platform with over one billion users?

Now that there are no excuses, it’s time to get your video made and get it out there for travelers to consume and be inspired.

Madden Media announces the appointment of new CEO, Dan Janes

Madden Media begins a new chapter in their story with the announcement of Dan Janes as their new CEO. The founder of Madden Media Kevin Madden will operate as the Chairman of the company.

Kevin Madden, Chairman of Madden Media explained his decision in selecting their new CEO, “Dan is a demonstrated leader in this community having worked to build, mentor, and invest in entrepreneurs in the region. We know he will guide Madden with the same level of entrepreneurial spirit that shaped our company.”

Throughout its 35+ year history, Madden Media constantly sought ways to help guide clients through change. In 1982, Kevin and Jill Madden founded Madden Publishing and began publishing the Tucson Guide and Valley Guide. They became well-known throughout the travel and tourism industry as a publishing leader. When people started to connect to the brand new “World Wide Web” in the ‘90s, Madden helped organizations like the Arizona Office of Tourism move online with their first website. Following the acquisition of Preprint Media, Madden then dove into the next generation of the Web 2.0 technologies to drive digital engagement for clients throughout the country.

On the future of Madden Media, Dan Janes explains, “Today, we are on the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—technology will reshape the global economic landscape. Communities will need to integrate their resources and attraction efforts to attract visitors, businesses, and a talented workforce. Madden works with communities across the country who are just like Tucson trying to build great places to live, work, and explore.”

Daniel Janes is a successful leader, entrepreneur, and early-stage investor. Dan’s breadth of experience includes being a West Point graduate and former Army officer who led operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, built a successful big data and analytics startup company, and grew new technology offerings in a publicly traded company. Since coming to Tucson, Dan actively sought to grow companies in Arizona as a board member of Desert Angels, and Invest Southwest, as a mentor for Tech Launch Arizona and the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona.

For over 35 years, Madden Media has helped tell its story in Arizona with 93 current employees who have been part of our team for an average of 7.8 years.

Madden uses innovative, technology-driven marketing strategies to provide solutions for our partners. Our team impacts the growth of communities by creating personalized, immersive content that connects people to places.


Great stories inspire great travel. So, how do you tell your story? Amplified Storytelling is our unique take on content marketing. Instead of telling potential travelers about your destination, show them.

Our proven audience development strategy sends quality traffic to your website, and once readers arrive, they are engaged. As an added bonus, stories give your website long-term SEO value.

For more information, please contact:

Some Examples of Our Work

What is the “Madden difference”?

What makes Madden different from other companies?

Teaming up with us gives you the benefits of our Google Premier Partnership, access to our dedicated tourism marketing professionals, and the added firepower of our 30+ years of knowledge of the tourism industry. Just like you, we’re passionate about helping people discover new places and return to the destinations they love. We deliver results to 2,000+ clients in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, and impact travelers more than 431,000,000 times per year. Because of our experience in the field, you know you’ll be working with an expert team that understands the needs of our partners and can deliver the desired results. Coasting along with the same programs year after year with diminishing results doesn’t work for you, and it doesn’t work for us—while we utilize proven methods, we are constantly innovating to improve your return.

Our clients get in front of the right people at the right time, guaranteed.

Daily involvement and analysis of each campaign shows what’s working and what needs to be modified. Strategic adjustments are made to maximize marketing dollars and optimize performance. We capitalize on each platform’s targeting abilities and go beyond the basics to ensure our partners get the highly-qualified traffic they’re looking for—we believe quality over quantity is key for a higher level of engagement and conversion.

We take partnership very seriously.

Providing an excellent buying experience through superior customer service and partnership is the foundation of how we do business. Everything we do is intentional, strategic, and customized to meet your exact needs. You won’t find a one-size-fits-all program. We have conversations with our partners to best understand the goals and objectives of each campaign, allowing us to meet AND exceed your expectations.

Connecting people to places—that’s Madden Media.

Why Madden Media?

You inspire us to inspire travel. Tourism does more than bring dollars to your destination; it brings people together, nourishes the soul, and expands worldviews. Every destination has a story, and it is our passion to help you tell yours to the right audience at the right time. It’s not just the story that inspires, but the way that message is delivered and entices travelers to explore a destination and originate their own tales—that’s what drives us further.

The excitement we share for travel starts with our own fervor for expanding our perspectives and finding new and different cultural experiences. We embrace the zest our partners have for their destinations, and pour it into every facet of every campaign. We know firsthand how a vacation can refresh, relax, and reset our lives—that experience should translate into your marketing plan.

We’re partners, plain and simple, collaborating to spark wanderlust in travelers near and far. Available to brainstorm strategies, take your call when you have questions, and celebrate with you when your campaign is a success—we work alongside you every step of the way. Let’s team up—travelers are waiting to be inspired.

Every destination has a story, and it is our passion to help you tell yours to the right audience at the right time.

A Brief Look at Madden History

For the past 35 years, Madden has been creating and publishing stories to help prospective and in-market visitors discover and explore destinations. Madden Publishing (our original moniker) was founded in 1982 with its initial sights set on bringing Tucson’s local stories and advertisers together to create an inspiring consumer magazine, with the ultimate goal of increasing tourism revenue in southeastern Arizona. Our premiere publication, Tucson Guide, carries on successfully to this day and has helped set the course for becoming leaders in the travel and tourism industry.

Over the years, Madden has grown into a national brand through the acquisition of like-minded companies such as Preprint Publishing in 2003 and Custom Marketing Group in 2012. Most importantly, however, our overall growth as a company is attributed to being on the forefront of digital solutions for destination marketing organizations nationwide. Madden Media, as we’re now known, currently delivers highly impactful results to 2,000+ clients in all 50 states as well as Canada. With nearly 100 travel experts on-staff specializing in a variety of media channels such as search engine marketing, storytelling, audience development, and social marketing—we have been fortunate to build long-lasting partnerships through our tailored solutions and product excellence.

Madden Media’s headquarters are located in the revitalized downtown scene of sunny Tucson, Arizona. Since 2009 we have had the privilege of occupying the historical MacArthur Building, originally constructed in 1907. Nearly 80% of our staff serves out of this central location with the other 20% serving from satellite offices nationwide.

From the beginning, our focus has been on building relationships—growing local economies as well as the firm belief that our success lies in your success. With our roots firmly planted in tourism, our opportunities ahead lie in continual innovation and evolution of the products that propel the industry and bring visitors to destinations. Connecting people to places—that’s Madden Media.

Breaking down what Destinations on Google means to you

Google has made changes with the layout for its search engine results pages (SERPs) for travel-related searches. This change is known as Destinations on Google and it has created a lot of buzz in the industry. You’ve most likely seen the new layout that applies to mobile travel-related searches for continent, country, or state “destination”, or “vacation” searches and been approached about improving your online presence through “new efforts” or programs in order to respond to this new change.

What you can do

Madden can assist you and put your best foot forward to help Google represent your destination in the best way possible and improve your online presence. In fact, Google already works with us and our partners to help benefit travelers with better decision-making information so they gain valuable insight in order to plan their trip and in turn, you gain credibility and trust. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Perform a Google search for your destination and your key partners and review the content. Create a checklist of issues like poor quality images, incorrect or missing information, and inappropriate content.
  2. Flag or report issues that you cannot correct yourself. Utilize assets that you currently have to upload new images and content.
  3. Review the content on your website. Ensure you have up to date event listings, utilizing the correct Schema markup and implement structured data to enable special search result features.
  4. Empower your partners/members to ensure their destination or business has accurate information on their Google My Business page in order to leverage their content. Access their support page for additional insight: Google My Business Help

As a Google Premier Partner, we have access to the tools you need and the experience that destinations can capitalize on to work with you to achieve your goals. We provide the structured data, descriptions, and content needed to improve your Destination page and presence on the Google Trips app. These efforts are not a standalone campaign, but part of a much larger Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort that Madden has been focused on for years. Our valued partnerships with destinations, coupled with our Google connection has allowed us to focus on creating opportunities for our partners that are timely, relevant, and focused on constant improvement. It’s not a single commodity component, it’s a component of being a good partner.

The elephant in the room

Although it’s extremely beneficial to improve your Destination page, it may interfere with the intention of your website, which is to drive traffic to it. With Google’s new page layout, some travelers may find the information they are looking for without clicking through to your site, resulting in a traffic drop-off. Again, don’t panic—there are ways to help bring that organic traffic back and get visitors to complete conversion activities. We suggest coupling your SEO efforts with a multi-platform strategy that uses engaging content and immersive storytelling to increase visibility and build a loyal audience. Readers crave content and incorporating a focused paid media strategy across platforms can drive traffic and increase conversions.

Pay to Play—the new Facebook algorithm

You’ve probably heard chatter about the new algorithm for Facebook that seeks to prioritize posts by friends and family. But what does that mean? Well, good news, for your business it probably won’t affect you too much.

The algorithm tailors users’ feeds so that they see posts they find important based on their past actions. For most users, this means posts by friends, family, and groups they are part of. Posts they read, comment on, and click-through with regularity are most visible—but this is nothing new. For several years now Facebook has been tweaking its algorithms along the same vein. This has meant that users see fewer posts from businesses and brands. Your organic reach has probably been declining for years due to these changes.

For several years now Facebook has been tweaking its algorithms along the same vein. This has meant that users see fewer posts from businesses and brands. Your organic reach has probably been declining for years due to these changes.

There’s also the “pay to play” option, which refers to businesses relying more heavily on paying for Facebook Ads, Promoted Posts, and other Facebook paid media to get their content in front of their audiences. Although this isn’t ideal for businesses, it isn’t anything new. Odds are, you probably have a Facebook Ad campaign running right now.

But the new algorithm doesn’t mean you should stop posting. On the contrary, you should focus on sharing quality content. The algorithm focuses on “meaningful interaction”—so that should be your goal. Get users involved. Give users a way to offer their opinion, ask a question, or hold a poll. The more consumers comment and engage with your posts, the more likely they will continue to see your posts organically. However, steer clear of what Facebook calls “engagement-bait” where you’re encouraging likes, shares, and comments without any real engagement or substance. This will ultimately hurt your brand’s presence.

Get users involved. Give users a way to offer their opinion, ask a question, or hold a poll. The more consumers comment and engage with your posts, the more likely they will continue to see your posts organically.

Unfortunately, it still stands that if you want to widen the reach of your page and gain new followers, you will have to pay for ads. As you’re planning your future budgets, it would be wise to consider increasing your Facebook paid media allocations to ensure you’re still able to effectively impact your audience in this updated landscape.