Amplified Storytelling

Inspire. Engage. Connect.

Your destination has a one-of-a-kind story, and Amplified Storytelling offers the opportunity to convert dreamers into visitors. Captivating first-person narratives pull readers into an experience only available at your destination and paints a picture that elicits emotion, spurring them toward conversion. Madden’s team of experts develop a custom-written story that is intentionally designed to resonate with your target audience to encourage readers to immerse themselves in your story and imagine themselves in your destination.

These stories live on your site during distribution and beyond to serve not only as an exciting attraction at first publication, but add long-term SEO power to increase organic traffic over time.

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Deliver your best audience experience. Build trust, garner interest, and fulfill their needs.

Your destination has its own distinct vibe and feel, and you want to stand out from the crowd. Your brand shouldn’t fit inside a predefined template—it should be something that wows anyone who sees it. That’s why the creative strategy at Madden is not one size fits all. Your brand deserves to be unique, and that’s exactly what we deliver.

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Our targeting capabilities

Our Google-certified, digital marketing experts are targeting wizards. No matter what audience you want to reach, they can find them and serve relevant ads.

  • Contextual: Targets prospects with content, images, and topics that will appeal to that audience.
  • Behavioral: Targets visitors based on past behaviors.
  • Geo: Targets prospects by specific regions, such as countries, states, or a specified area.
  • Look-alike: Targets users by the traits they share with an audience who has already shown interest in your destination.
  • Demographic: Targets visitors by characters such as HHI, age, job title, relationship status, and more.
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Lead Generation

Targeted, qualified, interested leads

With marketing, the database you have to work with determines your return on investment. If the database becomes stale, outdated, or disengaged, your results will suffer as your budget is spent on messaging users who are unlikely to open, and even less likely to convert. That’s where Lead Generation comes in.

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Lead with Analytics

Data-Driven Storytelling

What sets Madden’s content apart? It all starts with analytics. Whether we are working on an amazing feature in a Visitors Guide or a captivating digital story, the foundation of our content is data. We analyze search demand first, which means in the end,your content reaches your audience right where they’re already looking.

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Photo Curation

All positives, no negatives

Keeping an always-up-to-date library of photo assets can be a challenge. Partner with Madden to reach your goals. We have a team of professional creative experts ready to partner with you on capturing photos. When ready, we can help with putting them into action, too.

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Travel marketing publication

When you make Madden your publisher, you’ve got a partner. You can count on attention to detail and reliable communication every step of the way.

Production begins with creative and strategic editorial planning;  ends with an eye-catching, effective publication that meets your needs. Glossy pages on quality paper, high-impact photography, and engaging copy thoughtfully laid out create a wow-factor that inspires your readers to read more, learn more, and experience more of your brand.

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Search Marketing

Experts that optimize and adjust

Madden Media’s digital team of more than 30 hands-on experts ensures your message gets in front of the right people at the right time. More than a dozen Maddenites hold one or more Google Certifications and continue to develop and experiment with new ways to enhance your campaign.

Using our expertise, we make strategic adjustments to maximize your marketing dollars. Daily involvement and analysis of your campaign shows what’s working and what needs to be modified. Our focused efforts provide you with the most highly-qualified traffic, producing the visitation you desire. Let us continue to prove to you that not all clicks are created equal.

We’re a Google Premier Partner, and proud of it—it gives us the insider access needed to deliver unparalleled results. Awarded to only 3% of partners, this distinction gives us priority assistance from Google, giving an advantage to your marketing efforts.

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Social Media Marketing

Understand Social Media Marketing Options

Social media has grown from an up-and-coming platform to a Wild West of multiple platforms, advertising opportunities, lead generation, video—you name it, you can do it on social media. Navigating which platforms make sense for your destination’s goals can often be a struggle. That’s where we step in. We do everything on social media. We’ve listed a few of the capabilities we have below, but would love to continue the conversation with you; fill out the form below when you are ready to talk.

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Sponsored Marketing

Social Influencers

Influencers live authentic lifestyles, delivering intangible benefits such as credibility, a unique point of view, and deeper storytelling. And our storytelling and influencer campaigns lead to an average 50% increase in intent to travel.

With sponsored marketing, you access the power of personal endorsement. In addition to amplified storytelling making the most of latest digital marketing tools, you’re getting your brand and story in front of a tailored audience, primed and excited to hear from the social media influencer they’ve gone out of their way to follow.

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User Experience

Your website is the foundation of your marketing campaign—User Experience (UX) engages audiences. Personalization helps tailor your content to specific personas. Infinite scrolling keeps your audience engaged. Presentation layers immerse audiences in your experiential content. And responsive web design ensures that all of your audience has a positive and complete experience with your brand.

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Professional Production and Editing

Madden has an Emmy-award-winning video production team in house. Incorporating more video into your website and marketing means a better chance to create brand awareness and connect with travelers. Our team is ready to create powerful and fun videos that enhance your story.

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Video and Audio Scripting

Audio & Video Meets Storytelling

Scripting with narration and captions helps take your audience on a journey—not a random ride, but a strategic experience that connects each viewer and listener to your destination.

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Website Creation

Architecture, Design, and Development

Website Creation that puts your audience first

If you want travelers to visit your destination, you’ll need a website that puts travelers first. Madden helps you connect with your target audience starting from your homepage. With Website Creation, we can build a new site starting from the ground up, or we can revamp your existing site to deliver an engaging, valuable experience for each member of your audience.

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