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As a full-service destination marketing agency, the most important thing Madden does is create custom, data-driven strategies for our destination partners. Our Destination Strategy Directors focus on KPIs specific to individual needs rather than creating one-size-fits-all campaigns. Madden’s tourism marketing philosophy revolves around developing omni-channel campaigns that implement innovative marketing tools and tactics to deliver optimal solutions.

  • Collective Impact

    The work we do is about more than “heads in beds”—bringing visitors to destinations means a better life for the people that live, work, and play there. Madden’s goal is to connect people to communities by sparking imagination and nurturing curiosity to ultimately improve economies and lead to a vision of a better world.

  • Agile Approach

    To provide complete flexibility to our partners, Madden uses an Agile approach to project management that allows us to adapt. Numerous small experiments, iterative changes, and constant analysis ensure we respond to change and deliver stronger ROI. Through our continual learning and adjustments, we double-down on what’s working and rethink what’s not.

  • Responsible Marketing

    Strategies grounded in respect are not only the right thing to do, but maximize the impact of our work. Madden’s representative storytelling, ethical media practices, and commitment to sustainability protect our partner destinations and help them embrace inclusivity. Focusing on issues such as protecting destinations from overtourism ensures the community will thrive for generations to come.

  • Intent-Based Audiences

    Targeting consumers by demographics reinforces societal biases and misses many people who would be interested in visiting your destination. Madden uses intent-based audiences to reach travelers not only because it is more inclusive, but because it’s more effective. Focusing on WHY people travel rather than WHO they are cuts across gender, race, and age to reach the right people interested in your destination.

Discover Crystal River — Digital Brand Campaign

"Step Into Awesome"

For spring/summer 2020, Madden’s experts developed the “Step Into Awesome” integrated brand campaign to invite travelers to go somewhere unexpected. Unforgettable experiences in the Manatee Capital of the World are showcased through a variety of tactics that increase brand awareness, engagement and visitation. Overall YOY visitation and tax collections are up 9%!

Banner Ads

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Treasure Coast — Video & Brand Campaign

"Don't Come Here"

What destination has the guts to say, “Don’t Come Here” as their marketing message? The answer: St. Lucie, Indian River, and Martin counties, also known as Florida’s Treasure Coast. We created a video with stunning visuals and a sassy script to boost brand awareness and showcase chill vibes, uncrowded beaches, and natural beauty. In summary, unless people are looking for a real, non-touristy vacation, they shouldn’t visit.

Visit Oakland — Niche Guide

LGBTQ+ Guide

In addition to many digital efforts to welcome the LGBTQ+ community to stay and play in Oakland, we created a beautiful, ad-free guide that invites visitors to experience the city’s creative, culinary, and nightlife offerings. From a local celebrity chef’s foodie recommendations to fun things to do for the whole family, the crisp and clean printed piece is full of vacation inspiration.

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