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Pay to Play—the new Facebook algorithm

You’ve probably heard chatter about the new algorithm for Facebook that seeks to prioritize posts by friends and family. But what does that mean? Well, good news, for your business it probably won’t affect you too much.

Made for Mobile: Facebook Instant Experiences

Mobile is BIG. Of Facebook’s 1.94 billion users, 1.15 billion of them use Facebook on their mobile device daily (Zephoria). Let’s say that again: 1.15 billion people looking at Facebook on their phones every day. Facebook has been cranking out new options for advertisers that keep up with trends, but one of our favorites is Facebook Canvas Ads.

Your Facebook Strategy: When and Why to Utilize this Platform

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the most popular social media outlets. US consumers spend 2 billion+ hours per month on social media sites, accounting for 20% of online time and 30% of smartphone time.1 That’s a lot of time browsing, scrolling, and liking, and a lot of time you could be using to influence potential travelers to choose your destination for their next vacation.

Does #DeleteFacebook matter for brands?

You may have seen #DeleteFacebook trending on social media recently and read headlines like “User data leaks at Facebook pull tech further into political debate” on TechCrunch.com or “WhatsApp Co-Founder, who made billions from Facebook, says it’s time to #DeleteFacebook” on Fortune.com, reminding us that data privacy is a huge concern for consumers online.