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Madden is a full service interactive destination marketing agency: we use technology-driven strategies to provide innovative solutions. Our team creates personalized immersive content connecting people to places and driving community development.


Destination marketing and economic development organizations need an established, innovative partner to help shape their brand, and Madden will deliver. Our team collaborates with places and their partners on each element of an omni-channel marketing strategy. Our award-winning storytellers and Google-certified experts connect brands with audiences to deliver results.


Your destination gets a competitive edge when Madden is your interactive agency. We conduct a thorough market and needs analysis to determine what services and budget are needed to create a successful omni-channel approach for your destination’s marketing needs. Our team works with you throughout your campaign to optimize and improve results that match your goals and create opportunities for growth and innovation.


A community is so much more than a place—the people, relationships, and a sense of shared identity. Each day, our team focuses on building marketing and branding campaigns driven by analytics to influence the decisions of consumers to choose a destination. Our Placemaking philosophy resides in the core desire to be inspired—to travel and to live in a destination. Our team helps bridge the gap between these two efforts by developing and delivering a cohesive strategy to inspire new visitors and residents, alike. Either as a local or a visitor, a strong affinity towards a destination is essential for brand success.

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