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About Us

Travel opens people's eyes to new places and cultures, which in turn makes them more open and accepting of differences. Our work helps make the world a better place to live and explore.

Madden is the best friend who’ll be at your side through thick and thin. We push you to try new things—the kind of things that make you better. We keep an eye on the news and let you know about new trends so you always look good. We don’t even get jealous when you make new friends—we’re right there, getting to know them too, so together we can make something amazing. We’ll stay up all night helping you finish that project your career hinges on; what’s more, we’ll make it seem fun.

When tasked with achieving your goals, wouldn’t you rather have someone who works with you, not for you?

Meet Our Leaders

Dan Janes

As a successful co-founder and former military officer, Dan has built and led successful teams across multiple disciplines as both an entrepreneur and organizational leader. His favorite thing about working at Madden is the chance to to help shape the future of communities and make a difference in the lives of the people who live, work, and visit.

Dan Janes

Chief Executive Officer
Grady Colson

Grady has worked at Madden for over 21 years. He ensures all operations are functional and that our people are supported.

Grady Colson

Chief Operations Officer
Brett Gordon

Brett leads our Business Development Team in developing strong relationships, creating strategic partnerships, and helping destinations bring visitors to their area. He has been with Madden more than 14 years.

Brett Gordon

VP of Revenue
Sarah Hupp

Sarah leads Madden’s Account Management team and is passionate about collaborating with clients on smart solutions. Through promotion strategy, she and her team help destinations become placemakers.

Sarah Hupp

VP of Account Strategy
Vanessa Abril-Guiterrez

Vanessa oversees the Digital Marketing team, implementing efforts that increase the effectiveness of our tactics and ultimately provide better ROI for partners. She has been with Madden more than six years.

Vanessa Abril-Gutierrez

Director of Digital Marketing
Curtis Thompson

Curtis has more than 25 years of experience in developing front and back end solutions for apps, multimedia, and software. Curtis has worked at Madden for more than five years and leads a team of five developers.

Curtis Thompson

Director of Technology
Don Scheer

Don manages a creative team of Creative Strategists and Specialists who are in charge of designing, illustrating, and producing websites, print guides, and digital collateral. Don has been with Madden for more than 20 years.

Don Scheer

Director of Creative
Kathleen Johnson

Kathleen leads Madden’s content solutions for clients through a variety of content marketing products. Her team of Content Strategists and Content Specialists implement Omni-channel content solutions to tell client’s stories. Kathleen has been at Madden for more than five years.

Kathleen Johnson

Director of Content

Services we offer

Madden uses innovative, technology-driven marketing strategies to provide solutions for our partners. Our team impacts the growth of communities by creating personalized, immersive content that connects people to places.

Image of members at meeting.
Members work on a Visitor's Guide.

We create so much more than digital marketing campaigns, websites, and amazing travel guides—our omni-channel approach allows for audience engagement across unlimited platforms.

Join the Team

An employee reaches the front door of Madden's offices.
An employee reaches the front door of Madden's offices.

Interested in becoming a part of a creative, quirky, passionate team of people who love to travel as much as they love their work? Madden is always looking for new people to add to our team. Are you the next recruit?