Travel helps make the world a better place to work, live, and play.

Travel opens people’s eyes to new places and cultures, which in turn makes them more open and accepting of differences. Madden focuses exclusively on travel and tourism marketing because we believe in the impact of connecting people to new places and experiences.

We know first-hand that every dollar from family vacations, weddings, group visits, and business meetings impacts local businesses and residents by creating jobs, supporting infrastructure, and elevating communities as a whole.

Our work starts at home

Madden’s family owned and operated business was established in Tucson, Arizona in 1982—producing and publishing local visitors guides. Four decades later, we’re an awarding-winning, full-service destination marketing agency with clients across the country. We’re always looking to add to our nationwide team of remote experts with talented, creative, experienced, and forward-thinking people.

We do better together

An equal opportunity employer, Madden is committed to creating a collaborative ecosystem in which all employees have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the success of the business, and are valued for their skills, experience, and unique perspectives. With half of our leadership positions filled by women, we’re off to a good start but we know we can do better:

People come first

We take pride in cultivating a supportive and engaging company culture with diverse talent recruitment, a casual dress code, topical book clubs, and continued education through webinars and conferences with industry leaders.

Work/Life/Play Balance

We believe that travel is for everyone and we encourage our team members to create memories and stories of their own by providing generous benefits.

With 7 paid holidays, Responsible PTO available from your first day of employment, and Madden on the Move travel incentive, we encourage all employees to get the time off that they need to balance work, travel, and their personal lives.

Paid holidays & responsible PTO available from day 1

Business Uber/Alternative Rideshare

Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance

Flexible Spending/ Health Savings Accounts

Disability & Life Insurance

401(k) & Roth 401(k) plans with matching

Free & confidential Employee Assistance Programs

Travel incentive program to partner destinations