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The Creative team is composed of content and design experts. One of our strengths is developing creative to drive brand messages. Whether this takes the form of photography, video, ad development, custom content creation, websites, influencer campaigns, or print guides, our team dials into your brand to deliver award-winning creative.

  • Content Services

    The content team works as both writers and editors, crafting copy so it tells the unique story of your destination. Our capabilities for content creation, copywriting, and editing include content producers on staff for content strategy, editing, and writing of digital stories, website content, print editorial, emails, and more. Madden’s capabilities are further extended by an expansive network of freelance writers, storytellers, and influencers.

  • Creative Design

    Our team of designers works to fold images and copy together to create intuitive layouts that inspire the viewer. Madden’s full-time graphic designers are well-versed in producing award-winning design for branding, print collateral, visitors guides, websites, online ads, executive reports, Presentation Layers (interactive, designed web pages for great content), and much more.

  • Printed Collateral

    As a tenured print publisher, we have produced over 200 DMO visitors guides as well as a variety of maps, inserts, and other printed collateral for our clients. With an expert cartographer and professional on-site printing equipment as well as established relationships with external printers, we can accommodate print projects of any scale.

  • Brand Development

    Madden has extensive experience building brands from scratch as well as updating and refreshing branding for DMOs. Our Creative teams offer branding and rebranding services that begin with a new logo and tagline and take a deeper dive into creating a new look and feel across all assets, including images, video, design, and messaging.

  • Photography & Videography

    Madden has in-house photography and videography capabilities, a nationwide network of freelance photographers and videographers we employ as needed for client campaigns, and years of experience collecting assets through calls for stock and other means. With the ability to shoot new video, edit asset-ready videos, and curate So-Fi (or user-generated) videos, we produce professional commercials, video promotional pieces, visual storytelling, website sizzle reels and more.

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  • Content Writing
  • Creative Design
  • Brand Development


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