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Destination Door County | Visitor's Guide


Visitor’s Guide

Destination Door County | Visitor's Guide

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After Madden became the agency of record for Destination Door County, we set out to give their visitors guide a new look and feel. Located on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan, Door County is a scenic, welcoming community. However, text-heavy pages placed in between ads and static resource material made it difficult for readers to dive into what makes Door County unique and a must-visit destination.


As we began planning for Door County’s next Destination Guide, we wanted to move away from a templated design and have the guide look less like a resource guide and more like a travel magazine. 

One of the first things we did was incorporate vibrant imagery to let the natural beauty of the destination inspire visitors. When you open the guide, you are met with a full-spread image that immediately immerses the reader in the destination. While we leaned into the imagery, we were strategic about its placement. Through the careful positioning and sizing of images and sidebars, we guide the reader through the publication, bringing their focus to an intentional starting point on each page. 

Each feature story was thoughtfully selected to not only highlight popular attractions, but also touch on history, food, culture, and the outdoors—all while promoting a year-round destination. A resource section in the latter half of the guide keeps readers engaged with interviews with locals and multiple event calendars peppered throughout.

It was also important that Destination Door County’s new guide had a clear brand identity and cohesively tied into their overarching brand. We ensured each page was an extension of their brand through the imagery we chose and the small details we added. We utilized the color palate of their brand awareness “Feelings” campaign while weaving in brighter versions of a few of the colors to give the book a lively and exciting feel. This extension of the “Feelings” campaign emphasizes the inspiration-brand lifestyle experience, effectively translated through the immersive medium of traditional print media.

Additionally, we incorporated guest fonts that complemented their brand fonts. This keeps each page of the guide fresh and inviting while still maintaining brand identity. Further leaning into their brand identity, we added engaging callouts throughout the guide with travel tips, fun facts, and even a Door County playlist.

Destination Door County | Visitor's Guide


We incorporated QR codes on several pages that take the reader to related content on Destination Door County’s website to continue the conversation with readers. But our digital integration didn’t stop there. We used the destination guide to promote their “Savor the Flavor of Door County” campaign. This cross-platform campaign encourages people dining in Door County restaurants to snap a photo of their meal and share it on Instagram for a chance to win a gift certificate. Paid advertising promoting “Savor the Flavor” encouraged people to pick up or download a copy of the guide featuring some of the best restaurants in the area. By creating a connection between the printed guide, social media, and digital advertising, we not only increase traffic and campaign participation, but also elevate the guide with user engagement.

Destination Door County | Visitor's Guide
Destination Door County | Visitor's Guide