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Meet Our Team

Our diverse team of more than 190 employees work remotely across the country to serve destinations. 

We’ve assembled a cross-functional team of destination marketing experts, including storytelling savants, former DMO dynamos, PR pros, and media and MarTech maestros.

Meet Our Team

We make a big footprint.
Strengthening your marketing is our specialty.

Team Sasquatch

Our “sassiest” team works primarily in the west coast region of the US. They leave their mark on client projects like a Sasquatch leaves behind unexplainably large footprints. However, unlike an elusive Sasquatch, you’ll never be left thinking, “are they just a myth?” Your enthusiastic team members will become friendly faces and no matter what you’ve heard about the true existence of a Sasquatch, there is nothing mythical about the work they provide Madden clients. Still think this is all a hoax? Don’t worry, we have more than a few grainy photos as evidence that prove their devotion to our clients.

Meet Our Team

We rise above the competition.
Scaling new heights is our specialty.


As the “Greatest Of All Time” team, in their humble opinion, they focus on all things Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, servicing DMOs, tourism stakeholders, and destination partners across this region. We know that destination marketing can seem rocky at times, but don’t worry, Team Goat is quite agile. They will easily escape the pens of cliché content and stock imagery. Don’t for a moment think they’re sheepish, members of Team Goat are incredibly curious and inquisitive. They are always looking for innovative ways to showcase clients and their unmatched climbing skills help them reach the summit of their destination partners’ wildest dreams.

Meet Our Team

We market destinations from land to sea.
Burrowing deep into your messaging is our specialty.


The “honey baddies” service the southeastern region of the US and Puerto Rico. Like their team’s namesake, they are known for their strength and ferocity. They devour data and insights when developing a strategy, leading to creative concepts that showcase the offerings of each client destination. Honey badgers are known for using their strong claws to dig deep, creating a comfortable place to rest and this team is no different. Team Honey Badger promises to get really comfortable digging deep into your marketing plan to create campaigns that inspire travelers to visit your community.

Meet Our Team

We grab your marketing by the horns.
Hopping into client projects is our specialty.

Team Jackalope

This team is definitely a “jack” of all trades servicing our Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma clients and then hopping over to the northeast region of the US. Like the blending of words to create their name, they fuse data and insights into their strategic planning, resulting in beautiful campaigns. They are swift, jumping from one project to another, ensuring all the details of client campaigns are on point. Their devotion to Madden clients is no tall tale, and while jackalopes may be known as dangerous creatures, we consider them dangerously imaginative, pushing the boundaries with creative concepts that almost seem… unbelievable.

Meet Our Team

We are elusive innovators.
Staying one step ahead is our specialty.


This team has “yet” to meet a destination they don’t want to visit. Working with clients across the midwest region of the US, members of Team Yeti stand tall, confident in their ability to take your marketing strategy to new heights. But don’t worry, you won’t have to climb Mount Everest to catch a glimpse of the members of this Madden team. Like their close cousin, the Sasquatch, they may be elusive but that is only because they’re always on the go, making sure each piece of a client’s marketing plan perfectly aligns with their key business objectives.

Meet Our Team

We give your brand wings.
Developing stories with an angle is our specialty.


Our Public Relations team is known as Team Pegasus and they are ready for your brand to take flight! This team is ready to act as your noble steed, guiding you on quests that will garner media placements in strategic outlets. Just as a pegasus is known for its strength and intelligence, our PR pros maintain a keen understanding of the media landscape while handling crisis communications with grace and determination. The pegasus is thought to be a messenger of the gods and Team Pegasus serves as a messenger for our clients, connecting target audiences with destination brands that immortalize them and leave a legacy.

Meet Our Team

We are always looking to stand out.
Being colorful and creative is our specialty.


This team is capable of just about anything! Team Chameleon gets its name because they are known for adapting to any project a Madden client might have. From activations and influencer marketing, to visitor guide production and beyond, these team members are always changing their colors to meet the needs of our clients. Just as chameleons can inhabit a wide range of habitats, Team Chameleon goes from chilling with Goat and Yeti in the mountains, to hanging out among the trees with Sasquatch, and then hops over to the desert to see Jackalope and Honey Badger, working across the agency providing creative services to all our account teams.

Meet Our Team

We dive deep into your online strategy.
Navigating web trends is our specialty.

Team Kraken

The power of a destination’s website can only be matched by the power of our MarTech team so it’s no surprise why we call them Team Kraken. If you had to deal with as many API integrations and website enhancements as they do, you’d wish you had multiple tentacles, too! A kraken may be known for its destructive power and deep-sea dwelling but Madden’s Team Kraken is known for the reconstructive power they put into rebuilding websites. And while they might not dwell deep inside the Mariana Trench, you can definitely find them deep inside your WordPress dashboard once your new site launches.

Meet Our Team

We soar through datasets.
A keen ability to locate insights is our specialty.

Team Bat

Don’t worry, this team does much more than just hang upside down all day. Team Bat uses their own form of echolocation to guide the development of strategy for Madden clients. However, instead of using high-frequency sounds to see in the dark, members of this team use research to navigate spreadsheets and dashboards, delivering actionable insights our account teams can turn into creative assets and content. Our campaigns wouldn’t perform the way they do without Team Bat kicking off each partnership by crunching all the numbers. Honestly, we’re not sure how they do it or if they even sleep at night.

Meet Our Team

We make a big splash in the recruitment pool.
Spearheading company culture is our specialty.

Team Narwhal

Team Narwhal is the “pod” that keeps everything at Madden swimming! This team includes Madden’s executive leadership, human resources, technology, and finance teams. Just as Narwhals are considered guardians of the sea, Team Narwhal members are the guardians of Madden Media, looking after all of our teams to make sure they are taken care of. From leadership providing strategic guidance to the account and agency resource teams and the technology team making sure everyone has the equipment they need to do their jobs from home, to the human resources team keeping us staffed and insured and the finance team paying the bills, we couldn’t do any of this without them.

Meet Our Team

We breathe fire into Madden’s brand.
Big business is our specialty.

Team Dragon

Here at Madden, we aim to keep things fun and lighthearted but we guard our brand like it’s more precious than diamonds and rubies! That’s why we gave our internal marketing and business development team the name of Team Dragon. They do more than just respond to RFPs and run our social media though, they are responsible for making sure everyone at Madden is telling the same story, all pointing towards a happily ever after. Most dragons breathe fire, but Madden Dragons breathe life into our agency’s brand, keeping us consistent and strategic across all platforms.