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Madden’s AI Policy: You Can’t Start a Fire Without a Spark

Erika Ortner Marketing Communications Specialist

How does someone build a fire? With a few logs, some newspaper, and maybe some dry leaves, anyone could build the perfect campfire. Imagine having all the elements to build a fire, and forgetting the tool to actually light it up. You could sit around and look at your perfectly set up fire that will never burn.

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), we at Madden Media understand the fascination with new technologies such as ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, but we are also aware of the concerns that swirl around these new tools.

But what if we told you that’s exactly what these emerging technologies are, a simple tool. A tool like the logs, newspaper, and dry leaves. Do you need all of those things to build a fire? No, but they help make things more efficient.

Madden Media’s AI Policy

At Madden, we encourage the use of all forms of AI as a tool to enhance and improve our offerings for our clients and internal processes. However, when we do leverage this technology, we will always employ the following AI policy:

We will not simply take what any AI provides us. 

We will properly define and refine our prompts to these tools in order to get good outcomes.

We will not blindly trust what is created.

We will cross reference any provided data, and we will use our expertise to ensure accuracy of the work we produce. We are responsible for any errors or omissions provided by AI.

AI is a tool, but one that we will acknowledge using.

We will disclose in whatever way is necessary when and how we used AI for any work we produce.

We will be thoughtful about when this tool is useful. 

We will not use it if it isn’t appropriate for the case or circumstance.

Still Need a Creative Spark

The emerging adoption of AI tools is exciting, and will help many destinations “build a fire.” However, there is one thing you do need to start a fire… a spark. No matter how much knowledge someone has about building a fire, it doesn’t matter if there is no spark. Madden Media looks at AI tools as the logs, newspaper, and dry leaves, but that spark? That is something that can’t be replicated outside the realm of human creativity. Without that initial “lightbulb moment” of a content strategist or graphic designer, the fire will never start, therefore, it will never be successful.

As the world of copywriting and creative design shifts with the introduction of artificial intelligence, we will be on the front lines of discovering innovative ways to incorporate new technologies into our creative process. However, we are committed to maintaining the spark of imagination that can only be achieved through collaboration of our destination marketing experts.

Curious about how your destination could better use these new tools to catapult your marketing forward? Check out our most recent blog series by Madden Media’s Managing Partner, Matt Clement for his fundamental laws for navigating the ever evolving world of AI.

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